Know Your HIV Status

UPEI is the first university in the country to launch I'm Ready, a project working to eradicate HIV in Canada.

The study is sharing HIV self-testing kits and asking questions from the people who will use them so they can learn how to improve HIV testing and care in Canada.  Participation in "I'm Ready" is anonymous, and you control your own pathway through the program. You will have access to a self-test and information and support.

If you are interested in this project, you need to download the I'm Ready, Test mobile app.

Once you have downloaded the I’m Ready, Test mobile app, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Consent to be part of the program, create a profile, and answer a pre-test survey.
  2. Choose to have up to three self-test kits delivered to your home or another address, or opt to pick up a single kit at any one of our pickup locations (UPEI Health and Wellness Centre). If you already have a kit, continue to step #3. 
  3. Once you have your self-test kit, open your I’m Ready, Test app again. You’ll then follow the steps in the app and use the test kit’s instructions to take the self-test; 
  4. When you’re completed the test, you’ll record your result in the app anonymously and continue on in the app to access more information to keep you healthy by treating or preventing HIV. 

We’ll also send you follow-up surveys through the app to ask about where you’re at and whether you’ve accessed care and supports.  

You can pick up test kits from the registered nurse at the Health and Wellness Centre.