Our Graduates' Stories

Meet some of the graduates of UPEI's Foods and Nutrition and Dietetic Internship programs, learn why they chose UPEI, and how our amazing programs have contributed to their success! 

a smiling man standing in a restaurant kitchen
Dec 7, 2023 | Success Story, Alumni

After graduating in May of 2023, Humphrey is currently working as a catering manager for a PEI food services company. He plans to become a food scientist in the near future.

Nutrition Services Manager and Dietitian Katie Nordby
Jun 19, 2023 | Success Story, Alumni

"Becoming a dietitian has been so rewarding... if a student is considering this career path, UPEI can help guide them there."

UPEI student Joshua Symonette standing outside
Oct 19, 2022 | Success Story

The International Student Employment Support Program (ISESP) offered a group of first and second-year UPEI students the opportunity to gain employability skills through a combination of professional development training and a paid summer internship.

alex gallant-wood working in a kitchen laboratory
Sep 12, 2022 | Success Story

"If given the chance to choose again, I would 100% pick UPEI’s Foods and Nutrition and Dietetic Internship programs!"

UPEI students Haley MacKenzie and Julia Heckbert
Feb 25, 2020 | Students

UPEI Foods and Nutrition students Julia Heckbert and Haley MacKenzie spent their summer in Kenya, working to improve food security of local women and their families.

"The UPEI Integrated Dietetic Internship Program was a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to assess and improve my nutrition knowledge and dietetic skills. The placements were diverse and well selected to ensure that interns are exposed to a wide range of cases and allow them to explore different settings and areas of dietetics. In addition, the internship helped me gain confidence in my clinical and research skills which played a significant role in my decision to work as a research assistant after graduating from the program." 

dietitian imene hank

Imene Hank 
Clinical Dietitian
University Hospital of Northern British Columbia

"Looking back to the day I graduated 17 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the sheer joy of being where I am in my career now. The program helped me build solid foundations from where I grew and continue to grow into a well-rounded, confident dietitian. As importantly, the faculty and culture of the program imparted a truly holistic and compassionate worldview that guides me in my work today where, I could positively impact the health and lives of those I serve. " 

dietitian sharon khoo

Sharon Khoo
Registered Dietitian
Toronto General Hospital  

“As a student from Nova Scotia, I was attracted to the variety of opportunities and experiences offered by the UPEI Integrated Dietetic Internship program. The support provided throughout this program has given me the confidence to jump right into my new career as a local hospital dietitian.”

dietitian kate wentzell

Kate Wentzell
Clinical Dietitian
Digby General Hospital, Nova Scotia