Awards of Merit for Faculty, Librarians, and Clinical Veterinary Professionals

The Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit for Faculty, Librarians, Clinical Veterinary Professionals, and Clinical Nursing Instructors are granted annually. Up to ten (10) awards of $1,000 each will be available for exceptional academic achievements. Awards will be available in the categories of Teaching, Scholarly Endeavours, Service, or Combined Achievement. Awards for librarians and clinical veterinary professionals will be based on exceptional performance, in one or more of Professional Practice, Scholarly Endeavours/Professional Development and/or Service. The awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of UPEI faculty, librarians, clinical veterinary professionals, and clinical nursing instructors. Awards will focus on achievements made in the previous calendar year (2019). 

Awards are available to faculty members who hold a tenured or probationary appointment at the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or lecturer. Also included are those holding term faculty appointments who have been with the University for more than three (3) years teaching on contracts of (8) months or greater. Additionally, sessional lecturers will be eligible for an award in 2019 as evidenced under the applicable criteria sections. Permanent and probationary librarians, clinical veterinary professionals, and clinical nursing instructors are also eligible for these awards.

Candidates must be nominated by their peers, chair, dean or students. Applications should be forwarded to the Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Legal, no later than Friday, March 27, 2020. The Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Legal, will chair the 2020 Awards Committee consisting of the VP Administration and Finance, the VP Academic and Research, two faculty representatives and two staff representatives selected by the VPs from the prior year award winners. The Awards Committee will then provide the list of selected award winners to the President prior to the Wednesday, May 13, 2020 event.

Only one nomination will be considered per person, per award year. No one may win the same award more than once within five years.

Awards will be available for exceptional performance in four categories:

To be recognized as a clearly superior teacher, the nominator must present evidence of superior performance as a teacher and evidence of superior contributions to teaching. For purposes of the Award, teaching includes, but is not limited to, any of the following activities performed by faculty members either in a classroom or laboratory, through correspondence, or from a distance through the use of technologically-assisted instruction: leading courses; conducting seminars; guiding tutorials, laboratories or studio work; supervising fieldwork and study projects; preparing or correcting assignments, tests and examinations; guiding the work of teaching assistants, markers or laboratory instructors; guiding and evaluating students' individual work, such as theses and papers; conducting consultations with student(s) outside of class or laboratory time; participating in the development of teaching methods, programs or course content; preparing instructional material, laboratory exercises or course notes for the faculty member's own students; authoring or reviewing textbooks and other instructional material, it being understood that authorship may also be considered when evaluating a faculty member's scholarly endeavours; or other teaching related activities, including those undertaken to ensure that a faculty member's teaching is in keeping with the current state of the subject taught.

Scholarly Endeavours
Clearly superior scholarly endeavours are those recognized at national and international levels. Both the quality and quantity of such work shall be considered by those reviewing the application. 

Clearly superior service to the University and/or the broader community would be evidenced by the candidate having made contributions that have had a demonstrably positive impact. The holding of any office, administrative position or membership is not, in itself, demonstrating a high level of expertise in his or her discipline or field, and contributing to the extension of knowledge in that discipline or field. 

Combined Achievements
Nominees may submit applications that highlight superior yet balanced accomplishments across the three aforementioned categories. 

Awards for librarians, clinical veterinary professionals, and clinical nursing instructors will be based on exceptional performance in one or more of the categories of professional practice, scholarly endeavours/professional development and/or university, professional and community service. 

Guidelines for Nominators

  • The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 27, 2020.
  • Please prepare a dated and signed one-two page statement proposing the nomination, describing and justifying the achievements in the category for which the application is being made. Within this statement the nominator must clearly state the category of activity for which they are applying on behalf of the nominee and provide specific examples to support the nomination.
  • The nominator must provide the accomplishments during the year for which the award is being sought and an updated curriculum vitae on behalf of the nominee. The statement should specify citations, awards, funding sources and other information that is relevant to the application. If achievements are collaborative in nature, the role of the nominee in these activities must be clearly described. Scholarly items that are not yet in print but have been accepted for publication during the review period in question will be considered if there is supporting evidence of acceptance (e.g., letter from an editor).
  • Nominations are to be submitted in confidence to the Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Legal.

Recognition of Award Winners
The recipients of the Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit will be honoured during -- "A Celebration of Colleagues" to be held Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 10:30 am–12:00 pm in McMillan Hall, W.A. Murphy Student Centre. 

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