Room Booking Forms

The University makes available designated classrooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, and Athletic facilities to be booked for various events. Please selected from the list below, the form that would best describe the booking being requested.

Internal Booking

25Live has been implemented to replace individual departmental room management systems ranging from hard-copy books and diaries, through word documents and excel spreadsheets, to web-shared calendars ( e.g. Google Calendar). It is understood that 25Live is the system of record. In the event of a conflict arising from booking requests and confirmations outside of 25Live, the priority will always be those in 25Live.

Use your UPEI credentials to sign in to 25Live and request a space or computer lab for an activity that is organized by and for a UPEI department or student society, such as a meeting or campus event.

Sign into 25Live
How to create a work order for events

External Booking

Request space at UPEI for an activity organized by a non-UPEI group (even if you're a UPEI employee involved in that group), such as community or corporate functions.

External Booking Form

Sporting Event

Use the Sport Facility Booking Form to request UPEI's Alumni Canada Games Place, Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre, or turf field facilities.

Sport Facility Booking Form


If you have questions, you can contact personnel at one of the following locations:

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