Incoming Exchange Students

Before you travel

Determine your university tuition category. Some of UPEI’s exchange/visiting student programs allow UPEI and our partners to exchange students, whereby a student pays tuition to his or her home institution but attends classes somewhere else in the world. Other non-partner institutions may send visiting students to UPEI. Unlike exchange students, these students pay tuition fees to UPEI as international students. In consultation with your home university, be sure to determine which category you fall into.

If you are applying as an exchange student from one of our partner schools, please review this exchange application document.

Choose your courses

If you plan to study at UPEI, you will work with academic advisors at your home university and at UPEI to select courses that meet your program needs and to ensure the credits are recognized at your home institution. Typically, a full-time student at UPEI takes five (5) courses per semester, and most courses are three (3) semester-hours. You must be registered in at least three courses (a total of nine semester-hours) to be considered full-time. Fill out and submit a course request form. If the courses you want to take are full, contact the department or the professor; you may be able to receive special permission to be allowed into the class.

Apply for your visa

The process for obtaining student visas and study permits varies from country to country. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.

You will also want to refer to the Study In Canada website for more detailed and accurate information about studying in Canada.

Apply for residence

We highly recommend visiting students and exchange students live in residence, and to apply early because residences fill up quickly. Apply online on the Residence Services website.

Apply for homestay

If you prefer to stay with a Canadian family to learn more about the language and culture, you might like our homestay option. There are also other off-campus housing options. Learn more about where you might want to live.

Arrange to pay all costs

Residence, and other fees are payable each term. You can transfer funds directly using StudentPay. (Credit cards are not accepted for tuition or residence fees.)

Arrange for health care

Visiting and exchange students are not covered by local government health plans. You must have comprehensive health insurance while attending UPEI. Students are required to purchase Guard Me International Insurance and must provide proof to the UPEI Exchange Coordinator prior to arrival.

At a minimum, your health coverage should include the following:

  • Benefits for pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage for medically necessary treatment in Prince Edward Island (a minimum of $250,000 CDN)
  • Direct billing/payments for hospitalizations
  • Maternity benefits to cover office visits, pre-natal care, child-birth and post-natal care (minimum $25,000) if you are staying for more than one academic semester
  • Coverage in your home country (minimum 30 days)
  • Coverage outside of Canada (if you plan on travelling abroad)
  • Client toll-free number (English-speaking)

Airport pick-up form

If you require airport pick-up, we are happy to provide that service. Fill out and submit an airport pick-up form.

Upon your arrival - Checklist

  • Meet an International Student Advisor at the International Student Office in the Robertson Library to confirm your arrival. 
  • Check in with the UPEI International Exchange Coordinator shortly after your arrival.
  • Get information on Orientation Week (O-Week) activities.
  • Get your CampusCard student ID card at the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre front desk, or at the Residence Services Office in Bill and Denise Andrew Hall.
  • Pay residence and fees. Visit the Payment Options page.
  • Set up your computer account with your ID number and PIN. Contact or visit IT Systems and Services in the Atlantic Veterinary College.
  • Pick up a free student handbook from the UPEI Student Union Office, 2nd Floor South, W. A. Murphy Student Centre.
  • English Academic Preparation (EAP) students:
    • Take the English Assessment Test (if applicable) at the International Student Office, Dalton Hall.

After you leave

Please remember it is the responsibility of each exchange student to request their own official transcripts be sent to their home institution upon completion of their exchange semester. This can be done by completing and submitting the transcript request form.