Before You Apply

Deposit required for UPEI letters of admission

Beginning in the Fall 2024 semester, UPEI international undergraduate admissions will no longer provide a UPEI letter of admission for IRCC purposes, until a deposit of $5,000 has been made to UPEI. Before paying the deposit, students will receive only notification by email from admissions letting them know if they have been approved, or if their application has been declined.

To apply to IRCC for a study permit, students and their agents will be required to confirm the student's intent to attend UPEI by making the $5,000 deposit. Once the initial deposit payment has cleared, a full UPEI letter of admission will be sent to the student or their agent. IRCC will only accept full letters of admission through the new Letter of Admission Portal. Please note that under the new IRCC policy, all letters of admission will be verified by the school. Details about the payment options and refund policy can be found at

Students can apply to UPEI from Grade 11 or 12 with their transcripts. They can receive "early offers" that will allow them to prepare for visa applications in advance. If you do not have TOEFL or IELTS test results, or if your results are lower than 80/6.5 please check out our English Academic Preparation (EAP) program and general English-language proficiency requirements

Academic performance requirements

UPEI recognizes a strong academic performance at the high school level as an indicator for university potential. International students should submit documents that prove that their qualifications are comparable to that of Canadian applicants. Students should have 12 years of elementary and secondary education with a high school diploma, or a Senior Secondary Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate, or other forms of matriculation.

Please note that applicants who meet the minimum entrance qualifications are not guaranteed entry to the University of Prince Edward Island.

Country-specific admission requirements