Incoming International Students

If you are an incoming or returning international student for the 2020 Fall Academic Semester, please visit our Current Students page for more information about UPEI’s program delivery plan, contact information, and student support services.

New Student Orientation

Coming to a new place or attending a new school can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have plenty of resources for you, and friendly staff who are eager to help. Attending orientation is a perfect way to start your first semester and prepare you for university life in Canada.

Our International Student Office team is really looking forward to meeting you! Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, UPEI will be hosting ongoing online sessions throughout the month of August, and during the first two weeks of September. The website portal will launch in August, so check back later for a link. In addition to UPEI's New Student Orientation, you get to attend the International Student Orientation (ISO)!

Sign-up for the online ISO, since we can't all be together in-person. We can still come together virtually!

During ISO you will learn more about what life at the University of Prince Edward Island and in Canada is like, and find out about the great supports and assistance programs we offer! If you're concerned about starting your degree online or making friends, we have you covered. The relationships made at orientation can last throughout your university career and beyond. Wherever you will be this fall, we hope you can be present and make the most of your time by attending both orientations! For those of you who are able to come to campus, we may be able to hold a few small in-person sessions if we can do so and meet social distancing requirements.

Topics covered at the orientation include:

  • Immigration information
  • COVID-19 and border travel information
  • UPEISU's health insurance
  • Transition to the Canadian culture
  • Academic and social supports and information
  • Housing support and information
  • How to make friends
  • Fun social events, activities, and clubs
  • The bus system

... and much more!

We will be covering a lot but we'll make sure you leave orientation feeling fresh and prepared to tackle your UPEI degree!

We can't wait to meet you this fall (in-person or online)!

Richelle, Nouhad, Freya, and the rest of the ISO team

We now have an online orientation module!

Topics include travel preparation, arriving in Canada, and arriving at UPEI! Sign in with your UPEI username and password.

Get your documents in order 

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Canadian border is currently closed to all temporary residents who were approved for travel to Canada after March 18, 2020. Please follow the IRCC website for updates.

Existing students who wish to return to Canada, and those who have already received approval from IRCC to travel to Canada prior to March 18, 2020, must have a 14-day quarantine plan to present to the federal government. You must also have an essential reason to travel to Canada, such as in-person classes. Please see recent updates from IRCC.

We anticipate that when the border reopens, all students entering Canada will require 14-day quarantine plans. Further information about this will be sent to all IRCC applicants at the time of approval.

International students already in Canada, must obtain special permission to enter PEI

Regarding the upcoming fall registrations of courses for international students

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provided updates on May 14, 2020.

Students who have received approval to study in Canada, but are unable to travel to Canada to start their studies because of border restrictions due to COVID-19, may "begin their classes while outside Canada and complete up to 50% of their program via distance learning if they cannot travel to Canada sooner. In addition, they will not have time deducted from the length of a future post-graduation work permit for studies completed outside of Canada, up to December 31, 2020.

We believe that it is in the students' best interest to have received permission to study in Canada, before taking online classes. But we understand that because of the logistical and operational challenges, many students may not be able to apply for student visas and that the visa application is taking an extraordinarily long time. So, UPEI will not restrict admitted students from registering for fall courses before they get their student visas. However, students should be aware that the visa decisions are completely up to the visa officers, and UPEI has no say in that process. In the case of students taking UPEI courses online, but may not get a student visa and cannot come to Canada, they can transfer their credits to other institutions. The official documents UPEI can provide are the admissions documents and support to help students register for courses.

Welcome, incoming international students! We're looking forward to your arrival at UPEI.

Welcome to UPEI New Student Package
UPEI International Student Guide

I have received a letter of acceptance from UPEI. What should I do now?

We are excited to continue these discussions and look forward to having you join us at UPEI. While we cannot provide immigration advice we can direct you to the proper IRCC websites to assist you with your study permit application.

Please visit our Immigration Information page for complete details.

Apply for on-campus housing

You need to apply for on-campus housing (residence) separately. We have some exciting residence options, but spaces are very limited, so apply early. If you apply after March 31, you may not get a space.

Visit the Residence website to complete a residence application. Wondering which residence to choose? Read more about your options.

We can meet you at the airport (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)

We usually can arrange for student volunteers to greet you at the airport. Our airport greeter service has some restrictions (for example, we cannot meet people after 12:30 am, and require sufficient time to arrange for a greeter to pick you up). However, due to safety reasons, this service is temporarily suspended for the fall 2020 semester.

Once you arrive at Charlottetown airport, you can take a local taxi to your residence. The local taxi line is located on the left side of the airport's main entrance. There will be taxies waiting when flights come in no matter what time you arrive, and you can also call ahead (before boarding the flight to Charlottetown) to arrange a taxi to pick you up.

Here are some local taxi numbers:

  • City Taxi: 902-892-6567
  • Co-op Taxi: 902-628-8200
  • Grabba Cab: 902-892-6000
  • PEI Online Taxi: 902-370-2258
  • Yellow Cab: 902-566-6666

Important note: You must travel directly from the airport to your new residence. Do not make any stops.

While you wait: