Homestay is a great accommodation option for international and domestic students who prefer a “family-like” living arrangement. We have a wide variety of host families registered in our program who love meeting people from around the world and sharing our beautiful island with them.

Homestay information for students
Homestay information for hosts


How to apply:

  1. Read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the UPEI Homestay Student Booklet.
  2. Sign into myUPEI and complete the Homestay Application found under "UPEI Forms".
  3. Submit the completed Homestay Application, and the Homestay Coordinator will be in contact with you.

Important details

  • Please apply for Homestay at least four (4) weeks before your arrival date. Late applications will be accepted, but there is a late application fee and UPEI cannot guarantee that a Homestay placement will be found.
  • Please ensure you have paid all Homestay fees prior to your arrival in Canada and have secured a host family through the homestay coordinator.
  • Upon arrival at UPEI, you must meet with the Homestay Coordinator to review the terms of the Homestay agreement.

Important documents


Tyson Nicholson
Homestay Co-ordinator 


How to apply:

  1. Read the UPEI Homestay Host Booklet.
  2. Email the Homestay Coordinator at letting them know you wish to apply to become a Homestay Host. You will be sent the Homestay Host Application and the Homestay Host Agreement.
  3. Sign the Homestay Host Agreement and fill out the Homestay Host Application form. We use this information to try to match you with a student who best fits your household and lifestyle. Email your signed agreement and complete application to
  4. If your application is approved, the Homestay Coordinator will arrange for a home visit. The purpose of a home visit is to discuss the program in more detail, complete the required paperwork, and to ensure that the home and student bedroom meet the requirements of UPEI's Homestay program.
  5. Complete a criminal record check: Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check (RCMP website).
  6. After your application process is complete, the Homestay Coordinator will add you to our list of registered host families and will contact you when a potential student match becomes available.

Important documents