Undergraduate English Academic Preparation (EAP)

The English Academic Preparation (EAP) program is an intensive language program for UPEI students who must upgrade their English language proficiency skills as a requirement of their admission to the University. It is designed to enable students to gain academic skills and confidence in English, and successfully transition to university.

Successful completion of EAP is demonstrated through: 1) course work, and 2) the final EAP exam. EAP students must have a passing grade of 70% in all EAP courses and 4.5 or higher in all sections of the final EAP exam in EAP Level 7 to graduate from the program. Students must successfully complete EAP before progressing into second year (see: Academic Regulation 3).


If a part-time EAP student has not demonstrated improvement of at least one-half a band width, (e.g., from 3.5-4) after two consecutive semesters of study, this unsatisfactory progress will be reported to the Registrar’s Office, and credit course status will be reduced.

A full-time EAP student who does not show progress after 2 consecutive semesters of study will not be registered in EAP for the following semester, having failed to meet their condition of admission.


  • Undergraduate Full-Time EAP: English language program under which a student is not permitted to enrol in any credit courses. Students are engaged in language training only.
  • Undergraduate Part-TIme EAP: English language program under which a student will be enrolled in a combination of EAP and credit courses, as determined by performance in the EAP placement exam (or official English Proficiency test score).

Student Appeals

Students may appeal in writing according to the process outlined in Academic Regulation 12: Other Appeals.

Visit the English Academic Preparation (EAP) website for more information.