UPEI deeply appreciates every gift received from friends, alumni, foundations, corporations, faculty, staff, students, and our other extended campus community supporters. Your funds support research that changes lives, scholarships that recognize excellence, stronger academic programs, and new and enhanced facilities that offer 21st century technology and learning environments. UPEI has soared in the last decade and the excitement that permeates this campus is built on the confidence expressed by our donors—we could not make this journey without you!

Donor relations at UPEI is a function of the Department of Development and Alumni Engagement, which has responsibilities for alumni and development efforts at the University. Our office plays a vital role in the University’s relationship with its donors, helping to strengthen those connections and communicate the University's gratitude for their support and confidence.

By working closely with other members of the university community, the Donor Relations Office oversees the creation of stewardship reports, plays a role in all donor recognition events, and explores and implements other effective ways of communicating with those who support UPEI.

If you have any comments or ideas that would help us to improve our stewardship efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (902) 894-2865; or by email at

Financial Need Awards—Bringing Students and Donors Together

Financial aid based scholarships and awards at UPEI are critical to many students who would not be able to attend university without this help. Because of the confidential nature of financial need requirements, the recipients of these awards and scholarships are not publicly identified or included in UPEI recognition events.  We would, however, be pleased to arrange an opportunity for donors and recipients of these awards to get together for coffee or lunch. If you support a financial need award or scholarship and would like to meet the recipient of your generosity, please call Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes at (902) 894-2865 or e-mail at so that arrangements can be made.

You're a part of the UPEI family!

There are many events occurring daily at UPEI that our donors are encouraged to attend. Whether a Masters thesis defence, lectures, workshops, Panther Sport games, or any other of a myriad of UPEI activities, we would welcome your presence. We also encourage you to come to campus to look around, see the great things that are happening and experience first hand what your support is achieving at this great university. If you are interested in a campus tour, please contact Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes at (902) 894-2865; or email Rosemary O'Malley-Keyes at

We value all donors and recognize their contribution to our institution.