Employee Giving Program



With local and global support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations we have been making incredible strides at UPEI for our students.

Through Employee Giving Program, we invite you to join in the support of our students today. 

Every gift to UPEI is important. You decide the amount, choose where your donation will go, and choose your method of payment.
Payroll tax-deductible donations is the easiest way to donate in three easy steps:

  1. UPEI Campus Login - which requires your UPEI id number and your password.
  2. Click "Donation by Payroll".
  3. Provide your donation information, including:
    • what you would like to support,
    • the donation start date (and end date, if applicable),
    • the amount of your donation (a one-time donation, each pay, etc.)

And you can call Kim at 902-894-2888 at anytime with any questions when completing the form, or for all donation options. You can even create a named scholarship or award in support of UPEI students.

YOU can make a DIFFERENCE! 

How your gift helps

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have received scholarships to help alleviate the substantial cost of attending veterinary school. Awards like the Nichola K. Goddard Scholarship allowed me to gain experience in various specialties here at AVC and as far as away as Kenya with Farmers Helping Farmers and Nunavut with The Chinook Project. Without this assistance, I would not have been able to participate in these indispensable veterinary projects."
— Jaimee Gillis, DVM Candidate Class of 2018

"As a family we chose to donate for two reasons. We have been blessed with family that have supported us and encouraged us to pursue higher education. Creating scholarships in our families' names not only honours all they have done for us but allows us to pay it forward so students can be rewarded for their achievements. Our parents and grandparents would be so proud of the students who receive the awards we support. As a faculty member, it is so easy to donate and a small donation each pay period can have such a great impact for a student."
Patrice Drake, UPEI Faculty of Nursing

"Thanks to scholarships I received through UPEI, most of the financial burden associated with a postsecondary education has been eliminated. Free of financial concerns, I've been able to pour my energy into my academic pursuits and devote myself to a variety of student groups and initiatives on-campus as well as partaking in experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom."
— Lorelei Kenny, third-year Arts student 

"My family and I give to areas of UPEI that mean something to us. For example, when our daughter, Victoria, was the recipient of privately-funded awards at UPEI, we were very grateful and wanted to pay it forward so we started an award. When we lost our cat, Butterscotch, to feline leukemia, we started giving to AVC Companion Animals to support research on diseases that affect companion animals. We also support the Women's Basketball team, of which Victoria is a member. UPEI plays an important part in our lives; we are happy to support the good work happening here."
Rose Barbour, Development & Alumni Engagement

"As a student with a learning disability, I rely heavily on technology in and out of the classroom. Without the generous support from the donors, I would not be able to get the support that I need and probably would not graduate university and for that, I'm forever grateful."
— William McGuigan, Vice-President Finance, UPEI Student Union

"As I was fortunate to receive financial assistance through UPEI as a student, I donate to our university to help others and preserve that cycle of support on campus." 
Adrienne Montgomery Murchison, Registrar's Office

Department of Development and Alumni Engagement

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