International Exchange

Study Abroad!

The Faculty of Business is committed to international business education and training by providing an opportunity for students to study abroad. A semester abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have, both professionally and personally -- the benefits are endless!

This opportunity allows students to get to know another culture and way of life while providing a rich and exciting opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Application Process

  • Research our Partner Universities (on the Study Abroad website).
  • Choose the institution that seems like the best fit for your educational needs.
  • Set up a meeting time with Sherilyn at the Office of Study Abroad and International Collaboration.

Partner Universities

UPEI has exchange agreements with a number of universities outside of Canada. These exchange agreements permit students to study at another institution and have his or her credits transferred back to UPEI. The student is studying under a letter of permission, therefore paying tuition and fees to UPEI.