Student Assistance and Awards

The McDougall Faculty of Business offers different forms of assistance for Business students, including academic guidance and financial assistance. 

Academic guidance for first-year students

Entrepreneur resources


Student Scholarships Change Lives and Benefit Communities

The growing support of community-minded people and organizations across the province is helping young people on PEI to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, and UPEI's Roberta MacDonald is extremely grateful:

"The generous people who support our students recognize the long-term value of education and they understand what a significant difference it makes to the prosperity of our communities," she points out. "They are helping our Island university to provide more scholarships, and by doing so they open doors to new opportunities and encourage our young people to fulfill their great potential".

Harry W. MacLauchlan Scholarships in Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Harry W. MacLauchlan Scholarships in Entrepreneurial Leadership, introduced at UPEI in 2006, provide an inspiring example of how individual generosity can make a difference to students' lives year after year. UPEI awards these significant scholarships to three students entering the McDougall Faculty of Business each year. They are renewable for up to four years if the students maintain a high academic standing. The awards were made possible through a leadership gift from the MacLauchlan family.

"Not only is it an honour to be a recipient of this scholarship, but the financial assistance has allowed me to focus completely on my studies without having to worry about making the next student loan payment," says fourth-year student Chelsey Gorveatt. "I know the value and pride I have received from the Harry MacLauchlan Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Leadership will follow me throughout my future career and life endeavours."

"This scholarship has given me motivation to perform well in and out of the classroom by allowing me to represent the principles and values that Mr. MacLauchlan and his family stood for," adds Luke Rowledge, referring to the qualities that the scholarship is designed to encourage and that Harry MacLauchlan exhibited and admired - strong entrepreneurial initiative, high levels of accomplishment, and genuine commitment to the PEI community.

As the comments above highlight, winning a scholarship often makes a major impact on students' lives well beyond the obvious financial benefits. Reginald Jameson explains it this way: "It was a great honour to win the MacLauchlan Scholarship - it not only helped me with my studies at UPEI but it inspired me to get involved with small business in Charlottetown."