Research Services Forms

All research related forms are submitted through the UPEI Romeo Researcher Portal. This online portal will improve processing associated with the submission, review and approval of research-related grants, contracts, and certification forms. It will also provide researchers with online, password protected access to all their research-related funding and certification files in the database. 

Other information about the Portal
UPEI Administrative Forms
Animal Care Forms
Biosafety Forms
Human Ethics Forms (REB)

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The Romeo Researcher Portal provides access to relevant documents/forms necessary for conducting research. Specifically,  

  • access to all Research Services *application forms, including UPEI internal forms associated with research related funding and certification applications so researchers can easily access, complete, and submit the appropriate form/s within the site;  
  • all faculty researchers and staff online access to all their current research related certification and funding files; and,  
  • electronic approvals for new applications. 

The document provides a step-by-step instruction for a number of processes in the Researcher Portal: 

You can also visit the UPEI Researcher Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact

*Application forms include forms that are used to create an originating Romeo file. For example: a new certification file or documentation associated with a new funding application.

**Event forms are designed to capture data subsequent to an original application. For example: renewals of already approved certification protocols; funding agreement/s, contracts etc. that are received after the original application has been approved.

Other information about the Portal

Researcher Portal Training 

If you would like a one-on-one training session on using the Researcher Portal then please send an email request to  

The Research Services team is available to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions, please contact and a team member will be happy to assist you.

Information about other research-related forms not available in Researcher Portal

Please note that most of the Internal Funding forms, including the ‘Research Travel Funding’ form and the ‘Transfer of Funds/New Faculty Start-Up Form’ are not available within the Researcher Portal.

You can obtain a copy of the Research Travel Funding Form and the Transfer of Funds/New Faculty Start-up Form by clicking on the form names. These forms will not be processed through the Researcher Portal. You must obtain the appropriate signatures and then forward to Office of Research services for processing.

Other UPEI internal research funding information and forms, such as the SSHRC guidelines and application forms, Faculty Research Travel Funding Program Guidelines and Form, Research Conference and Workshop Support, etc., may be added to the Researcher Portal at a later date. Please contact Research Services if you require immediate access to these forms.  

The Research Staff Approval Form is available on MyUPEI.  

Click on the AVC – Biomedical Equipment Information Form and the Equipment Purchase Information Form to download a copy of these forms.  

If you do not see the research-related form that you are looking for in the above information then please check with Research Services at or by contact Jo Minx at 902-566-0843.

UPEI Administrative Forms

The following forms are currently available within the UPEI Researcher Portal:

Application forms:

  • Research CONTRACTS Approvals Form (rev. Sept 2022)
  • Research GRANTS Approvals Form (rev. Sept 2022)
  • Request to Open a Term Research Account
  • Non-funded Agreement Approvals Form
  • Special Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine) Form

Event forms:

  • Approval for Agreement Modifications (rev. July 2022)
  • Request for a Release of Funds (rev. January 2022)
  • Research Account Modification Form (rev. January 2022)
  • Mitacs Agreement Approval (rev. January 2022)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
  • Fee for Service Agreement 

Animal Care Forms

Application forms:

  • AUP Secondary Data Protocol
  • Animal Transfer Form
  • AUP Teaching Form (rev. December 2020)
  • AUP Service Form (rev. December 2020)

Event forms:

  • Proprietary Material Review
  • Research Major Amendment (rev. May 2022)
  • AUP Research - Secondary Data Renewal
  • Teaching Renewal (rev. December 2020)   
  • Teaching Major Amendment (rev. December 2020)
  • Teaching Minor Amendment (rev. December 2020)
  • Service Renewal (rev. December 2020)
  • Service Major Amendment (rev. December 2020)
  • Service Minor Amendment (rev. December 2020)
  • Animal Offspring Reporting Form 
  • Morbidity / Mortality / Incident Report Form
  • Research Minor Amendment (May 2022)

Biosafety Forms

Application Forms:

  • Application for Biosafety Permit (rev. March 2022)

Event Forms:

  • Biosafety Permit Amendment/Renewal (rev. December 2020)
  • Biosafety Permit Minor Amendment (rev. January 2022) 
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) (certification)
  • Biosafety Temporary Transfer Request

Human Ethics Forms (REB)

Application Form:

  • Research Ethics Board protocol submission form

Event Forms:

  • 1st Renewal / Amendment Application
  • 2nd Renewal / Amendment Application
  • 3rd Renewal / Amendment Application
  • REB Amendment Application
  • REB Final Report Form
  • REB Minor Amendment Form