MBA Pathway Program

The MBA Pathway Program (MBA-PP) is designed for students coming to UPEI for its MBA program, whose first language is other than English. The program is available for students who meet all the requirements for entry into the MBA program except English proficiency, but whose English capabilities are advanced enough that they can reasonably be expected to meet the full requirements within 12 months. Students’ English proficiency must be demonstrated by means of an accepted test, as outlined in the English Proficiency requirements for Graduate studies.

Where a highly-qualified graduate applicant does not quite meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement for direct entry into the MBA program, UPEI can extend a conditional offer of admission. The conditional admission allows a student to obtain a Canadian study permit (if necessary) and begin their studies in the MBA-PP. To be eligible for participation in the MBA-PP, an applicant must be recommended by the appropriate MBA Admissions Committee.

The MBA-PP is designed to prepare students so that upon completion, they will be able to succeed alongside native English speakers in an MBA program that demands strong communication skills in English. The Pathway Program includes business themes and topics alongside academic writing, critical reading, and professional communication courses conducted in affiliation with the Graduate English Academic Preparation (GEAP) program. Delivery methods can feature workshops on various business topics, guest speakers from the business community, and training in areas such as presentations, leadership, etc. Upon successful completion of the prescribed terms of study in the MBA-PP, the student will proceed directly into the MBA program.

The program begins with an in-depth skills and needs analysis to define an individualized education plan focusing on:

  • Advanced composition: North American convention and academic argumentation to develop clarity, forcefulness, and genre appropriateness
  • Scientific writing: quantitative reasoning and analytical writing, if applicable
  • Writing abstracts, conference proposals, and literature review for the business academic disciplines
  • Conference presentation requirements and skills
  • Academic ethics and responsibilities: case study, debate, problem-based learning, data gathering and reporting, seminar presentation around business topics.
  • Library familiarization: databases, resources, cultural and program norms for business academic disciplines.
  • Working with an academic mentor and with the UPEI Writing Centre
  • Online course work: if required
  • Computer skills updating: if required

Students in the MBA-PP may not participate in MBA courses or participate in MBA program activity until the minimum (unconditional) English proficiency requirement has been satisfied through an acceptable assessment test.


Students in the MBA Pathway Program are expected to satisfy the minimum (unconditional) English proficiency requirement, through an acceptable assessment test within one year (12 months) of the start of the program. Students who have not met the requirement within the stated time period, may make an appeal to the MBA Admissions Committee for an extension. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with appropriate support units.