Financial Aid

MBA Scholarships and Awards

Entrance scholarships will be awarded annually to incoming MBA in Global Leadership students in the Faculty of Business Administration. Each scholarship ranges in value from $1,000 to $3,000. Scholarships are awarded to those who have received at least an 80% average in their last two years of undergraduate study and have demonstrated leadership potential. Learn more about the MBA Entrance Scholarships and Apply Now!

Graduates of UPEI that intend to pursue an MBA at the University of Prince Edward Island are also encouraged to apply for the W. Chester S. McLure Memorial Fellowship.

Other UPEI scholarships, bursaries, and awards can be found on the UPEI Awards and Scholarships website.

RRSPs and Tax Benefits

RRSPs are also a source of funding. Under the Canadian Income Tax laws, you and/or your spouse may be eligible to borrow tax-free from your RRSP, up to $10,000 CAD each per tax year, to help fund your MBA. Please contact your income tax advisor information about this and other tax benefit details.

Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership

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