Facilities management procedures

Storage Procedure and Form
Painting Request Priority and Procedure
Snow Removal Policy

For air quality concerns, please refer to here.

Cleaning Standards

Cleaning Services is responsible for the safe and effective cleaning of buildings on the UPEI campus to set university cleaning standards. This includes a variety of space types including classroom, laboratory, research, health care, administrative and residential. Cleaners work day and evening shifts, seven days a week, excluding statutory and University holidays. To allow cleaning services to focus on the cleaning standards, waste cans in offices are being removed, and users will now be responsible for sorting their own waste at a waste sorting station located throughout the buildings. The campus cleaning program consists of both regularly scheduled cleaning routines and special project assignments. To view the latest University cleaning standards, click here. You will note that each building will be cleaned to two standards; a regular cleaning standard and a minimum standard. The regular standard is followed by the scheduled regular cleaner assigned to the area. The minimum standard is followed by the replacement cleaner who was assigned to the area due to the regular cleaner being out on leave.

Custodial Service Standards