All-Gender Washrooms

All-gender washrooms and inclusive signage are an important part of making our campus safe, accessible, and welcoming. The safety and comfort of trans and gender diverse people in gender-segregated spaces is an important issue.

All-gender washrooms are safe spaces where anyone, regardless of gender identity or presentation, can use the facilities, wash their hands, and check the mirror. They decrease anxiety and fear for trans and gender diverse people while using the space, as there is less chance of physical or verbal harassment or assault - a real and ongoing risk in gender-segregated areas.

In response to the needs of the campus community, UPEI features both multi-stall and single-user all-gender washrooms. Several washrooms remain gender-specific but are inclusive for all those who identify with that gender.

UPEI will continue to identify opportunities to create all-gender washrooms, whether through the conversion of existing facilities or when designing new buildings. Signage will be placed near all-gender washrooms indicating that these spaces are inclusive and that UPEI respects everyone's right to choose the washroom that is appropriate for them.

Single-User All-Gender Washroom Locations

2 - Atlantic Veterinary College (1084S and 1085S)
1 - Bill and Denise Andrew Hall (131) 
2 - Canadian Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation (134 and 135)
1 - Cass Science Hall (403) 
2 - Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre (216 and 218)
10 - Dalton Hall (119, 120, 217, 218, 321, 322, 424, 425, 521, and 522)
1 - Duffy Science Centre (129)
3 - Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering (130, 209, and 331)
4 - Steel Building (121,122, 206, and 207)
5 - W. A. Murphy Student Centre (216, 217, 235, 236, and 260)

Multi-User All-Gender Washroom Locations

2 - Robertson Library - Main level (247 and 248)
2 - SDU Main Building - Main level (209 and 210)

Security Services Support

UPEI Security Services is here to support the entire campus community and understands that when a complaint is being made about someone in the "wrong" washroom, it is often the person being reported who needs protection. Our security officers and attendants receive sensitivity training and endeavour to increase their awareness and skills on a continual basis to best support UPEI students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus.

If you encounter concerning behaviour on campus or vandalism of signage, please contact UPEI Security Services at 902-566-0384 (internally call 0384) or call 911 (internally call 9-911) in the event of an emergency.