International Students

International Student Orientation Video

Watch an online orientation video with UPEI's Nouhad Mourad

UPEI International Student Orientation Moodle

You can visit the UPEI International Student Orientation Moodle page for information and resources for international students studying at UPEI.

UPEI International Students Facebook Page

The UPEI International Student Facebook page brings together UPEI staff, faculty, and students. It is a great place to stay up-to-date on things, meet other UPEI community members, and ask questions you may have.

Diversity and Cultural Awareness Video

Watch a video with UPEI's Nouhad Mourad and Freya Qi 

International Buddy Program

The goal of the buddy program is to provide individual assistance and support to new international students at UPEI. Culture shock and adaptation can be hard for some students. We hope to create an enriching and welcoming experience for new international students at UPEI by pairing them with students who have been at UPEI for a while now. The program is meant to create friendships, memories, improve communication and cross-cultural skills.

Visit the UPEI International Buddy Program website and the UPEI International Buddy Program Facebook group.