Standard Contracts

The majority of Fee for Services contracts will be in standard form. There are a number of template options to choose depending on the status of the contractor.


1. Standard Contract (Sole Proprietor) - Contractor is an individual, partnership, or an unincorporated business.

2. Standard Contract (Corporation) - Contractor is a corporation.

3. International Standard Contract (Sole Proprietor) - International contractor is an individual, partnership, or an unincorporated business.

4. International Standard Contract (Corporation) - International contractor is a corporation.

There are detailed instructions contained in the .pdf document linked below each template to assist in the preparation of the contract. Before submitting a contract to the Comptroller’s Office, please ensure the instructions to complete the contract have been followed and completed. Incomplete contracts will not be signed and may create delays in the contract process. Any questions or concerns in regards to preparing a Fee for Service contract should be directed to the Contracts and Insurance Office.