Submit an Operational Contract for Review

Final steps for contracts

Submitting an Operational Contract for Review

An operational contract is all agreements except research and employment.

All operational contracts must be reviewed by the Contracts and Insurance Office prior to signature by an Official Signing Authority. The Contracts and Insurance Office reviews contracts from a risk perspective and offers advice on the risks and legal consequences of the University entering into the contract.

Please note that the contract review is from a risk perspective only and does not include an assessment of the business case underlying the transaction. The head of the academic or administrative unit wishing to have the contract executed is responsible for ensuring that the contract fits within its business and operational requirements. The head must be prepared to recommend execution of the contract and support the recommendation with a brief case statement, if requested.

In order to submit an operational contract for review by the Contracts and Insurance Office, please complete the Contract Approval Control Form and forward to the Comptroller's Office with a copy of the contract to be reviewed. Upon receipt in the Comptroller's Office, the contract will be logged into the contract database and forwarded to the Contracts and Insurance Office for review

Documents to Submit

Contract signature

The Contracts and Insurance Office will then conduct its review and coordinate having contracts signed by the appropriate University signing officers.