Drivers at UPEI

Ian Burge, University Fleet Administrator

The University Fleet Administrator's duties and responsibilities are to administer the oversight processes for departmental compliance as they relate to UPEI’s fleet.

Ian Burge
Procurement Services

Driver Qualification

In accordance with the Vehicles Owned or Leased Policy and Procedures, all persons in positions which require the use of a vehicle must apply for approval to operate a University vehicle. Persons applying for approval to operate a University vehicle for road use must meet the Driver Qualification criteria and complete a UPEI Driver Approval Form. Applications must be approved by both the faculty’s/department’s Vehicle Coordinator and by the Comptroller.


Operating a University Vehicle – Summary of Procedures and Forms
Rules Governing Operation of a University Vehicle
Driver Qualification Procedures
Driver Approval Form
UPEI Driver Record Form
Vehicle Maintenance Record Sheet
Incident Reporting Protocol Form 

Use of Personal Vehicle Guidelines

Report a Vehicle Accident

In the event of an incident involving a University vehicle, the driver shall submit a University Incident Report via email to and file a copy to the department’s Vehicle Coordinator, as soon as reasonably possible after the incident. If an accident occurs on campus, Security Services should be notified immediately by calling (902) 566-0384.

In addition, where the incident involves a vehicle accident, the driver must complete a Driver's Accident Form for insurance purposes. The University’s insurer has produced a sample Accident Report and a list of recommended procedures in the case of an accident. This information is available in the Comptroller’s office, but should also be in the glove compartment of each vehicle. The minimum information that should be included in the Driver's Accident Form is:

  • Description of the accident;

  • The vehicle(s) involved;

  • The individuals involved including any passengers in the UPEI vehicle;

  • Confirmation whether the accident occurred during normal work;

  • Description of damages to all vehicles involved;

  • Immediate cause of the accident;

  • Location, date, and time of the accident;

  • Witness statements;

  • Road/weather conditions;

  • A copy of the most recent entries in the log book;

  • Any other pertinent information as requested in the Accident Report.