Contracts and Insurance FAQS

Contracts Questions

How do I know what type of contract I need?

The type of contract you require depends on what you want to do.

What do you want to do? Type of Contract Required?
Buy a service Fee for Service Contract
Buy a good Discuss with Procurement Services
UPEI to provide a service to an external party Service Contract
Research or research-related activities and funding Research Contracts
Funding from an external party
Assignment an employee from an organization to UPEI (or vice versa) for a specific period of time Secondment Agreement


How do I legally describe or name the University in an agreement or contract?

UNIVERSITY OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, a body politic and corporate established pursuant to the University Act, R.S.P.E.I. 1974, Cap. U-4, having its head office in Charlottetown, Province of Prince Edward Island.

Is the University incorporated?

Yes, the University is incorporated by an act of the Legislature of the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada, under and pursuant to the University Act, R.S.P.E.I. 1974, Cap. U-4.

What is the University's full legal name?

The University's official legal name is "The University of Prince Edward Island". This full title should be used when referring to the University on documents, contracts or agreements. Contracts should not be made in the name of individual departments or faculties or in an employee or student’s name.

Who can sign a University contract?

All contractual obligations of the University must be signed by in accordance with the Signing Authority Policy. The following table provides an outline of what contractual obligations specific positions can sign.

Position Contractual Obligations Policy Ref
One Official Signing Officer Contracts valued at up to $100,000 s. 5.1
Two Official Signing Officers Contracts valued over $100,000 s. 5.5
Designated Signing Authority

In accordance with the Signing Authority Policy and set out in individual a Designation of Signing Authority Agreement.

  • Standard Contracts up to $25,000
  • Any other contracts or values specified in the Designation of Signing Authority Agreement.


s. 5.4
Associate Vice President , Human Resources and Legal
  • Employment contracts
  • Labour relations agreements
  • Union contracts and agreement, with at least one other Official Signing Officer
  • Employee benefit agreements with at least one other Official Signing Officer
s. 5.2
Procurement Officer (now Manager of Procurement Services)
  • Purchase orders
  • Tender documents
  • Maintenance agreements
Provided the transactions have been authorized through the University’s financial control system and are in accordance with the Procurement Policy.
s. 5.3

IMPORTANT - If you've been asked to sign a contract on behalf of the university or if your name is listed on a contract, please contact the Contracts and Insurance Office for advice on whether you are permitted to sign. Signing a contract in the name of the University without authorization can expose you to personal liability.  Signing a contract in your own name binds you personally to the contractual obligations.

Who are the University’s Officer Signing Officers?

In accordance with Section 4.1 of the Signing Authority Policy, the following positions are defined as Official Signing Officers:

  • Chair of the Board of Governors
  • President
  • Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • Vice-President, Academic and Research (formerly the Vice-President, Academic and the Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies
  • Comptroller


What is a Standard Contract?

The University has developed standardized templates for contracts to expedite the contract process for certain frequently contracted services.  Some departments and faculties have also worked with the Contract and Insurance Office to develop Standard Agreements or Contracts – these are Unit specific Standard Contracts. The wording in these documents cannot be changed without prior approval from the Contracts and Insurance Office. The contract drafter can only fill in the required information in the blank fields provided. A list of Standard Contracts can be found on the Standard Contract Template page.

What is a Fee for Service contract?

An agreement with the University where a business, individual or agency agrees to provide a service to the University in return for monetary compensation. The contract describes in detail the nature, duration, and description of the services provided as well as compensation for the services.

What is a Service contract?

An agreement in which UPEI is contracted to provide a service for an individual, business or agency, and in return, UPEI will receive monetary compensation.

What is a Secondment Agreement?

A Secondment Contract is an arrangement made between UPEI and another employer, detailing the temporary transfer of an employee from his or her duties.

What is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

MOUs are non-binding statements of goodwill or partnerships between two or more parties. Any specific initiatives arising from MOUs should be subject to more formal and binding agreements. There should be no monetary value.

Insurance Questions

What types of insurance does the University carry?

The University carries various types of insurance including property, commercial general liability, errors and omissions, automobile, and machinery breakdown. If you have any coverage questions please reach out to the C&I Office.

How to I acquire proof of insurance or a "Certificate of Insurance"?

Please go to Certificates of Insurance and fill out the Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

How long does it take to get a Certificate of Insurance?

The Contracts and Insurance Office makes every attempt to action Certificate of Insurance requests as soon as possible and aims to maintain a five (5) business day turnaround. However, since our certificates are issued by our insurer there may be delays that we cannot avoid. You can avoid delays in the receipt of your Certificate of Insurance by providing complete and accurate information on the Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

Will I be covered by University insurance if I drive my own personal vehicle on University business and I am involved in an accident?

No.  Your personal automobile insurance policy is considered primary and would respond to any claims arising from accidents regardless of the fact that it was on University business. The University insurance policies do not provide coverage for personally owned vehicles. Please review the Use of Personal Vehicles Guidelines.

If I use my personal vehicle for University business, do I need to notify my broker or insurance company?

Yes. If you are using your vehicle for University business, particularly if it is more than on an infrequent basis, your vehicle would need to be "rated" for business use. What this means is that the insurance company needs to collect the correct premium for the use of the vehicle. Otherwise, the insurance company may say that you have misrepresented the use of the vehicle. Please review the Use of Personal Vehicles Guidelines.