Our Cairo Campus Programs

For our Fall 2020 semester, students can choose from programs in our Faculty of Business, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering.

Faculty of Business

five business students walking in upei's mcdougall hall

Experience a broad spectrum of education required for the new generation of leaders for business, governmental, and non-profit organizations. Graduates exit with a comprehensive understanding of today’s global market, critical thinking methodology, communication skills, and technological applications.

Specializations include:

Faculty of Science

students working on a laptop

The Faculty of Science provides rich undergraduate programs to challenge students and their understanding of the world around them. These highly competitive, in-demand degrees encourage self-discovery, innovation, and research.

Majors include:

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

professor demonstrates something to students

The Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering is for creative students looking to design innovative, targeted, and sustainable processes, products, and solutions that improve society. We offer a unique learning experience that is hands-on, team focused, project-based, and industry linked.

Focus areas include: