Regulation 12 - Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals

1.     In the application of all academic regulations, students shall have access to a fair and just appeal procedure.

2.     In every case, a student must file an appeal within the required timelines (see below), otherwise the appeal shall not be considered.

Appeal on Grades

3.  An informal appeal must first be made to the instructor within 30 calendar days of receipt of the grade. For professional programs and the Faculty of Business, see Faculty/School's policy/procedures, which may impose different requirements, and override, this section.

4.  A formal appeal may be made in writing within 7 calendar days of the instructor’s decision, as follows:

  • In academic departments with a Chair, an appeal may be submitted to the Chair, who shall consult within the department before arriving at a decision. On receipt of a written appeal, the Department Chair shall provide the student with a copy of the Faculty/School’s policy/procedure on appeals
  • In academic departments without a Chair, an appeal may be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty or School in accordance with section 6 of this Regulation.

5.  The Department Chair’s decision may be further appealed, in writing, within 14 calendar days of the date of the Department Chair’s decision to the Dean of the Faculty or School, in accordance with section 6 of this Regulation.

6.  In an appeal to the Dean:

a)  The Dean shall provide the student with a copy of the Faculty/School’s policy/procedures, if those have not already been provided.
b)  The Dean shall establish an appeals committee to hear the appeal.
c)  The appeals committee shall consider the appeal and make a recommendation to the Dean.
d)  The Dean shall consider the appeals committee’s recommendation and render a decision on the appeal.
e)  The Dean may accept the appeal committee’s recommendation or may render a decision different than the appeal committee’s recommendation, at the Dean’s discretion.

7.  Decisions on final course grades may be appealed further.  Such appeals may be made in writing, through the Registrar, to the Senate Academic and Student Discipline Appeals Committee within 30 calendar days of the date of the Dean's decision.

Other Appeals

8.  Appeals of decisions on academic matters other than grades may be made through the Registrar to the Senate Academic and Student Discipline Appeals Committee. An appeal must be made in writing, including all supporting documentation, and be submitted within 21 calendar days of the date of the decision. All decisions of the committee shall be final and binding, subject to a student’s right to appeal to the Board of Governors pursuant to the University Act.

Appeal Rules and Forms

9.  The Senate may establish rules and forms applicable to appeals made to the Senate Academic and Student Discipline Appeals Committee.

Filing an Academic Appeal

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