Information for Faculty and Instructors

UPEI teaching and learning staff have a duty to accommodate all students, and the Accessibility Services team is here to support the coordination of academic accommodations.

Course instructors are encouraged to:

  • Include an accessibility statement in all syllabi
  • Refer to the Accommodation Glossary or ask the student’s case manager if there are questions regarding the student’s accommodations or whose responsibility it is to implement the accommodation(s)
  • Contact the Accessibility Advisor immediately if any accommodation could compromise the essential academic requirements of the course
  • Consult with the student’s Accessibility Advisor to resolve any challenges related to the student’s accommodation plan

Accommodation Statement for Syllabus

Students may request accommodation as a result of barriers experienced related to disability, or any characteristic protected under Canadian Human Rights legislation. Students who require academic accommodation for either classroom participation or the writing of tests and exams should make their request to Accessibility Services as soon as possible. Please visit for more information or contact:

Accessibility Services