Accessibility Services

The University of Prince Edward Island encourages the full participation of all students, including students with disabilities, as members of the University community. We strive to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all, and provide equal access to University services, programs, and facilities.

Accessibility Services takes great pride in providing students with a welcoming, relaxed, and positive atmosphere. We are aware that some students are somewhat hesitant when first approaching Accessibility Services. However, it is our observation that students soon become very comfortable, and drop in or use the services either on a daily or weekly basis. Our sense of pride comes with each student’s success and in helping students accomplish their goals in the academic community.

Accommodations and services can include:

  • Confidential consultations
  • Individualized program planning for academic accommodations
  • Arranging for identification of learning disabilities
  • Test and exam accommodation
  • Assistance with grants
  • Access to specialized technology
  • Note taking, tutoring and mentoring
  • Use of a scribe or oral testing
  • Learning strategy support
  • Campus accessibility
  • Assistance with self-advocacy
  • Transition planning with high schools and families
  • Textbook to audio/.pdf

Students with documented visible, invisible, and/or temporary disabilities can register with Accessibility Services. If you are struggling with your learning and want more information, please contact us at 902-566-0488 to arrange for an appointment with one of our accessibility case managers. 

Academic Accommodations Policy and Guidelines 

Recognizing its moral and legal duty to provide academic accommodation to the point of undue hardship, UPEI is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities, within a supportive and challenging environment and consistent with academic principles.

Online Referral Form 

Accessibility Services now has an online referral form for faculty and staff to make referrals for students to our office.

Visit myUPEI to complete the referral form