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Health Centre Services

Birth Control Counselling and Guidance

The physican, nurse practitioner, and nurse of the Health Centre provide counselling, guidance, and education on the various methods of birth control. It may be beneficial to review the different options prior to your appointment. http://www.sexualityandu.ca/birth-control provides a detailed overview of the various methods available.

Community Referrals

Community referrals are essential to the maintenance of health and offer additional services that cannot be offered through the Health Centre. Depending on your needs, the nurse can assist you in locating organizations that will meet and work with you to improve or enhance your present health.

A list of Community Resources across Prince Edward Island can be found on the PEI Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association website.


The Student Health Centre works closely with the counselors in Student Affairs to promote both physical and mental health of UPEI students. The Health Centre nurse can meet with you to discuss your individual situation and suggest options for assistance. If you are experiencing or have just experienced a crisis situation, you are encouraged to seek help immediately. If you require services after-hours, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital offers Crisis Mental Health Response through the Emergency Department or you can call 811 to speak with a Registered Nurse 24/7. For more information: http://www.healthpei.ca/811.


The Student Health Centre offers several specific immunization programs such as rabies immunization clinics for DVM students. Immunizations for students planning to travel are available at the Travel Immunization Clinic or Murphy’s Travel Health Clinic.


Prescribed medications required to be given by injection (e.g., Depo Provera, Vitamin B12, hormone and allergy injections, iron) can be administered by the nurse by appointment.

Medical Assessments and Treatment of Illness or Injury

The physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, and administrative staff at the Student Health Centre work collaboratively to provide holistic, well-coordinated care to students. Depending on your health needs, our administrative staff will book you to see the nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician to be assessed.  

Medical Referrals

All students, both international and provincial, can receive referral consultations from local specialists. If medically necessary the Health Centre physicians and nurse practitioner can arrange a referral to the appropriate provider and/or receive special tests, e.g., x-rays, physiotherapy, blood collection procedures, etc.

Women’s Health 

The Health Centre offer services aimed at the unique needs of the female students. Including physical exams, education on various topics, such as, contraception, sexually transmitted illnesses, menstrual concerns, breast self-exams, pregnancy testing, pap-smear and all other concerns presented by the students.

Men’s Health

The Health Centre provides care addressed at the diverse needs of men’s health on campus. This includes reproductive care, education on sexual health and self-testicular exams, and all other health-related concerns of the student. “Men’s Health Educational sessions" are held within the UPEI residence each fall by a physician or nurse practitioner, please contact the Health Centre for more information.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services are provided by a Registered Nurse. Sometimes students are uncertain as to their health care needs and require additional advice on whether their symptoms warrant medical assessment/treatment. The Registered Nurse at the Health Centre is able to meet with you and assess your physical and mental health needs, and arrange follow-up with a physician or nurse practitioner if necessary.  You can also book an appointment with the nurse to obtain birth control advice, counselling, have pre-ordered blood-drawn, dressing changes, or referral to a select community service, just to name a few.

Pregnancy Testing, Support and Education

The Health Centre provides support for those students who become pregnant, as well as education and specialist referrals. Pregnancy tests are also available. Information and counselling regarding options is available. The Student Health Centre is a safe, strictly confidential, and non-judgemental place to come for help and support. Some websites to check out for information on pregnancy options are:


A frequently asked question at the Health Centre is "Can I obtain prescriptions?" The answer is “Yes”. The physician or nurse practitioner can write a prescription, which must be taken to a pharmacy to be filled. Please note, local pharmacies cannot fill prescriptions written by physicians or nurse practitioners from other provinces and/or countries. Make an appointment at the Health Centre to have a physician or nurse practitioner write the required prescriptions. It is important to bring the medication with you, so we can verify the medication and dosage you currently take.

Another frequently asked question is "Are my prescriptions paid for under my student health care plan?" The answer again is “Yes”. However, this applies only to specific medications. Should you have questions related to medication coverage, please contact the UPEI Student Union health plan administrator for further details.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening, Counselling, and Education

Physicians and the nurse at the Health Centre can provide sexual health screening, counselling, and education regarding sexually transmitted infections. Even if you are not having symptoms, it is important to get tested if you are sexually active. Many STIs are often asymptomatic meaning you may have one but do not show any obvious symptoms. For more information: http://www.sexualityandu.ca/en/stis-stds and http://www.cfsh.ca/Your_Sexual_Health/STIs-and-HIV/

The Health Centre also provides information on preventing STI’s.

Venipuncture (Blood Collection)

Should you require blood work following your appointment with the physician or nurse practitioner, this procedure can be performed by the nurse. At times, you may be asked to return on an alternate day or visit the Queen Elizabeth Hospital depending on the test that is ordered.

Students with requisitions from out-of-province physicians are asked to check with the nurse that the test can be drawn at the Health Centre, prior to booking an appointment. Some blood tests must be done at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Laboratory.

Workshops and Presentations

UPEI’s Student Health Centre is happy to offer individualized presentations and workshops on a variety of health topics. Please send your request to healthcentre@upei.ca and include the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of your event
  • Predicted number of participants
  • Demographics of audience (i.e., age group? International students? Residence students? Staff?)
  • Topic you would like covered
  • Any other relevant information that may be helpful
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