Participate in UPEI's carpooling program

UPEI supports and encourages the use of environmentally friendly methods of transportation including cycling, public transit, and carpooling.


  • Reduces car-related expenses
  • Participants can divide the cost of the Carpool Permit
  • Provides an opportunity to socialize with colleagues or fellow students
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduces traffic density

The Program

To qualify for a carpooling-parking permit, students must be registered full time with UPEI, and faculty/staff must be full-time employees. In each carpool group, there must be a minimum of three participants, each with their own registered vehicle that currently has a valid UPEI parking permit (preferably the same parking permit type, General or Designated). 

Carpool participants must arrive on campus together in one vehicle, and park at the designated carpool parking spaces. Carpool parking spaces are located in the various parking lots and are identified by carpooling signage. The number of permits is limited and the location of parking spaces may change based on demand.

Carpool spaces will be monitored and enforced by Security Services to ensure the integrity of the program. A valid carpool-parking permit must be displayed on the rear-view mirror and is only valid for the carpool spaces in the lot assigned. Only one permit per carpool is issued.

More details of the program are available on the carpooling application.

More information is available by contacting Parking Services at