Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contact Line: 902-628-4357

Security Office: 902-566-0384
Blanchard Hall: 902-566-0442 or 902-566-0384 
Bernardine Hall: 902-566-0524 or 902-566-0384 
Atlantic Veterinary College: 902-566-0873 or 902-566-0384 

In the event that you feel your safety is in jeopardy, call the Security Dispatch and an Officer will immediately be dispatched to your location.

To report an emergency or suspicious activity, immediately contact Security Services dispatch.
To Contact Security Services Dispatch from on-campus telephones - Dial 0384
Auto-Dial Elevator Emergency Phones - Dial "HELP" (4357)

Emergency Poles

  • There are five blue poles are located on Campus. They provide direct voice access to the Security Services Office in the Central Utility Building.