Office of Commercialization, Industry, and Innovation

The Office of Commercialization, Industry, and Innovation (OCII) provides expertise and knowledge to University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) faculty, students, and staff in support of: research partnership development, intellectual property (IP) protection, and commercialization of products, processes, services, and insights that can provide practical social and economic benefit beyond the university environment. OCII is the bridge between industry and researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island. OCII works with researchers to transform their innovative ideas into commercial products and business opportunities. While universities have a broad and far-reaching economic impact, three key pathways exist through which commercialization and industry partnership activities support the creation of economic impact from UPEI: ideas, innovations, and expertise.

By facilitating opportunities for UPEI students, researchers and staff to:

a) help support the growth and success of existing and new partners by addressing and solving key challenges,
b) co-develop new products/services along with partners; and
c) develop new products and services leading to the creation of new ventures.

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