Why Environmental Studies?

The Bachelor of Environmental Studies at UPEI aims to equip students to integrate an understanding of the environment with other academic fields and their personal life. As an interdisciplinary liberal arts and science program, students have the opportunity to take courses in 16 different departments across the faculties of Arts, Science, Education and Business. Our close connection with the island community enables students to explore the relationship between classroom theory and action, and between environmental issues and their context, in seeking to develop sustainable solutions. The Master of Arts in Island Studies and the Masters and PhD in the Environmental Sciences provide opportunities to do personal research that helps to understand and address the increasingly complex environmental challenges that our world faces.

The key words to describe Environmental Studies are knowledge integration, leadership, and impact.

Knowledge integration

We offer you a truly interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary liberal arts and sciences approach to the theory, research, and practice of environmental studies. You have the opportunity to take courses offered in sixteen different departments and across faculties of Arts, Science, Education and Business.


Individualized attention from faculty and close connections with governments and community groups allow you to truly get involved in real-world issues. In the classroom, in the field and in the community, our program is aimed toward helping you explore your ability to lead the way toward finding environmental solutions.


Through active learning assignments, special courses, directed studies, internships, public environmental forums, and many other opportunities, you will be laying the foundation to make a positive impact toward sustainability in your personal life and career.