Engineering Student Ambassadors

Meet our student ambassadors

Engineering Student Ambassadors are available to discuss the Sustainable Design Engineering program from a student perspective. If you have any questions for the ambassadors about their experience in the program, please email them directly.

Kellen Devries

Kellen Devries is entering his fifth year of the Sustainable Design Engineering program, specializing in the mechatronics focus area. Growing up on Prince Edward Island, his combined interests in physics, math, and electronics led him to enrol in engineering at UPEI. Over the past few years, he has been involved with several clubs on campus, including the Engineering Society, where he is now serving as President, as well as Baja. He has also had the opportunity to work with multiple professors in their research labs and is currently investigating ways to improve controlled drug delivery methods with Prof. Ali Ahmadi. Following his graduation this year, he intends to complete a master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

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Elvis Nyong

Hi there! My name is Elvis Nyong, I am an international student from Nigeria and I am in my third year of the Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI. As you begin your journey into the engineering profession, I will help you find your feet. I have worked as a CAD teaching assistant so feel free to contact me (or walk up to me) if you have any questions concerning school or life in general. I will be much obliged to help you in any way I can to make your experience at UPEI a wonderful and rewarding one. See you soon!

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Sydney Wheatley

Sydney Wheatley is an islander who grew up on a small family farm in Warren Grove. She is currently entering her third year of Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI. Sydney’s interest in pursuing Engineering originally stemmed from her participation in a summer program hosted at UPEI, which intended to promote girls in Research, Engineering, and Sustainability (ProGRES). In her first year, she became involved with the student engineering society, and she now holds the position of Vice President External. Additionally, in the coming year, she will be chairing the Atlantic Engineering Competition that, for the first time, will be held at UPEI. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Ali Ahmadi, and works at the Merchantman, a locally owned restaurant. Outside of school and work, she enjoys playing sports and spending time with her two dogs. After the completion of her degree in Sustainable Design Engineering, she hopes to pursue graduate studies to merge her interests in Engineering and Medicine.

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