Engineering Student Ambassadors

Meet our student ambassadors

Engineering Student Ambassadors are available to discuss the Sustainable Design Engineering program from a student perspective. If you have any questions for the ambassadors about their experience in the program, please email them directly.


Syed Imran 

Syed ImranI am Syed Imran, a first-year international student studying Sustainable Design Engineering. I am from Pakistan and I grew up in the United Arab Emirates. I am an avid believer of learning beyond the classroom, and have a keen passion to help my community, especially students. I have interned for numerous organizations in the field of education including United Nations and ZNotes. I also have my own mentorship program where I help students access study resources, tips to excel in academics as well as study abroad through my YouTube channel and website. 

I have always wanted to work in the modern energy industry and hence Sustainable Design Engineering is a perfect program to cater my career needs and goals. After graduating, I see myself making meaningful impacts towards the renewable energy transition. My career goal motto is that I want to engineer a more sustainable world for everyone. Beyond my academics and career goals, I love following the latest trends and news on Cars, Tech, and Global Politics. 

You are always free to reach out to me regarding any information or guidance regarding UPEI’s Sustainable Design Engineering and I am more than happy to welcome you here! Check out my YouTube video!  

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Jimmy Hulton 

Jimmy HultonJimmy is a student from the island entering his 2nd year of the 5-year program in Sustainable Design Engineering. He is also planning to pursue a minor in Mathematics and possibly Business. He was drawn to the program when visiting the building during the science fair in grade 9. During first year, Jimmy was able to attend the Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference at the University of Calgary, through his role as a First-Year Representative for the Engineering Society. He also competed in the Atlantic Engineering Competition at Dalhousie and travelled to Honduras to design a water delivery system for a small community with the Engineering Brigades. Jimmy enjoys playing hockey, basketball and ultimate frisbee in his spare time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

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Rhea Gallant 

Rhea GallantRhea is in Year 4 of 5 in the Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI. She has an interest in the bioresource side of engineering at UPEI and has completed summer research assistant positions to further her understanding, learning and appreciation for the science. She has been involved with the UPEI Engineering Society since her first year in positions as the Student Representative and the Vice-President - Internal. These positions helped her to get involved with the other students in the program and helped plan events to add some extra fun to the study-filled semesters. You can nearly always find Rhea in her favourite place at the table under the stairs on the second floor of the FSDE Building, or in room 110 feel free to stop and say hi or ask her any questions. When she’s not in the building she likes to spend time thrifting, drinking coffee, listening to music, or spending time with friends. 

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Luke McCarvill 

Luke McCarvillLuke is entering his final year at UPEI, having begun his studies as a chemistry major. He loved many fields in high school and couldn’t decide on a program, but once he saw the fun projects and events in the FSDE, he knew he wanted to switch. Luke has since played numerous roles on the Engineering Society, participating in engineering student conferences and competitions from Halifax to Vancouver. He loves helping out fellow students at the Engineering Success Centre and has acted as a teaching assistant for multiple courses, including two philosophy courses. Luke has studied abroad at Arizona State University, playing on their touring ultimate (Frisbee) team; attended an undergraduate student consortium in Japan; and will be researching lithium-ion batteries in Germany this summer. He is happy to talk with you about studying abroad! He plans to finish up his Royal Canadian Navy training over the next year before moving to Europe for graduate school and work. Feel free to reach out to him via email or casually in the FSDE building! 

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Arthur Adderley 

Arthur AdderleyArthur Adderley is an international student hailing from The Bahamas who has always harboured a passion for engineering. Currently in his fourth year, Arthur is studying in the Sustainable Design Program and has set his sights on specializing in Sustainable Energy. It has been a long journey for Arthur, who has been dedicated to achieving this degree since he was young. 

Outside of his studies, Arthur is a motivational speaker who utilizes video posts to inspire and encourage individuals, with a specific focus on improving mental health worldwide. Additionally, Arthur is passionate about investing in stocks and dividend-paying assets to achieve financial freedom. With a vast knowledge of mental health, passive income generation, and engineering, Arthur is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who require assistance in these areas. 

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Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonaldHello everyone! My name is Brian MacDonald, and I am entering my fourth year of studies in the Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI and am minoring in mathematics. I am passionate about science and engineering design and am always interested in learning about math and physics-related topics. In my third year of studies, I held an executive position in the UPEI Engineering society as the Vice-President of Events. In this role, I was responsible for planning and overseeing the majority of society-led events. During this time, I also served as the Information Technology (IT) commissioner for the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES). Outside my studies, I enjoy various sports, such as rock climbing and ultimate frisbee. As a matter of fact, last year, I aided in the creation of and served as the Vice-President of UPEI’s first Ultimate Frisbee club; you should definitely check it out! If you have any questions about the Sustainable Design Engineering program or would like to know how to get involved with extracurricular activities, please do not hesitate to reach out! I have also held various teaching assistant positions and would be more than glad to answer any questions you may have about any engineering-related course. 

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Clara Grant

Clara GrantClara is an island student entering her fourth of five years in the Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI. She was first led to engineering by participating in a summer program called ProGRES, which promotes young women in research, engineering, and sustainability. Apart from learning all about engineering, ProGRES also led her to gain an appreciation for UPEI and the Sustainable Design Engineering program. Since her second year in the program, she has been involved with the Student Engineering Society as a year representative and has worked as a Teaching Assistant within the faculty. She is interested in specializing in mechatronics and pursuing electrical engineering upon graduation. Outside of school, Clara enjoys travelling, staying active, and spending time with friends. She's always happy to chat about anything, so feel free to reach out to her via email or just by saying hi in the halls. 

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Mikkayla Ellsworth-Reid

Engineering student Mikkayla Ellsworth-ReidMikkayla is a fourth year student in UPEI’s Sustainable Design Engineering program. Over her years in the program, Mikkayla has worked as a Teaching Assistant for the first year design course, has been involved with the Atlantic Council of Engineering students as both commissioner and executive, and works as a summer research assistant with UPEI. Mikkayla enjoys classical music and scary movies and is always up for a chat! Reach out to her if you have any questions about getting involved or what life is like as a UPEI engineering student! 

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Berry Genge

Berry GengeBerry is an island student entering her fourth year of Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI. She is an active executive member of the Engineering Society as the VP Logistics. She also works within the Engineering Success Centre on campus to help students transition to university and offer professional development opportunities to help prepare for what lies after graduation. Berry is passionate about sustainability and worked with the City of Charlottetown as a student engineering technician last summer and will continue this position in 2023. This fall, Berry will be chairing the Annual General Meeting of the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students. Outside school, Berry enjoys drawing frogs, going to the beach, and cooking meals with her friends. Feel free to contact Berry regarding any questions about the program and the various ways you can get involved with your time at UPEI Engineering. 

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Ellen Fraser

UPEI engineering student Ellen FraserHi everyone, my name is Ellen and I am currently completing my first year in the Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI. I'm a First-Year Representative on the UPEI Engineering Society and the incoming VP Communications for the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students. I am also a member of the UPEI Ultimate Frisbee Team. Outside of school, I enjoy baking, going for drives, and spending time with friends and family. After UPEI Engineering, I may go on to study architecture.

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Ezaan Ahmad

UPEI engineering student Ezaan AhmadHello! My name is Ezaan and I am a proud student ambassador for our school's engineering program. As a student of Sustainable Design Engineering, I am passionate about sustainability, innovation, and technology. My role as a student ambassador is to represent our program and school, and to inspire prospective students to pursue a career in engineering. I am excited to share my experiences and insights with others, and to help guide them towards achieving their goals.

I am an excellent communicator and enjoy interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. I am patient, empathetic, and committed to providing the best possible support to students. As an ambassador, I have participated in various events such as open houses, campus tours, and information sessions. I am always eager to answer questions, share my knowledge, and offer guidance to anyone interested in pursuing engineering as a career.

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Kaitlyn Smith

UPEI engineering student Kaitlyn SmithKaitlyn is entering her second year into the Sustainable Design Engineering program. She was originally interested in nursing but realized engineering has a very unique way to help others. She was drawn to switch into the program as she enjoyed math and physics in high-school and knows she made the right decision. She attended the Engineering Leadership Summit this year, which continued her inspiration to be an engineer. After her first year, she visited Three Oaks, to talk to students about the program. Outside of school, she enjoys sports, socializing and spending time with her dog. As she didn’t have any friends or family in Engineering, so she knows how important it is to have others to reach out to. Reach out anytime!

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