The biotechnology sector is growing rapidly, creating a need for high-skilled training to support growth of those industries in current and new directions.

UPEI's minor in biotechnology offers students the opportunity to combine the academic and laboratory components of their chosen science degree with hands-on skills development. Through industry-supported work integrated learning placements embedded in all new UPEI biotechnology courses, students will gain experience and industry connections to kickstart a career in biosciences and biotechnology.

Prince Edward Island is home to over 50 biotechnology firms, operating in human health, contract services, animal health, fish health, diagnostics, and medical device manufacturing. 

Declaring a Minor

Current students can declare a minor in this program through their myUPEI account.

This minor is not an option for students in the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program.

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Course Structure
Courses in the Biotechnology Minor

Note: Current UPEI students should refer to Student Planning in myUPEI and the UPEI Academic Calendar governing their entry year, and speak to an academic advisor about course requirements. The course structure presented for this program is a recommended, unofficial progression for prospective students.

A student will obtain a minor in Biotechnology by successfully completing 21 semester hours of courses drawn from required BIOT courses and approved electives.

This minor is not an option for students in the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program.

Required courses:

  • BIOT 1020 Field Studies in Biotechnology on PEI
  • BIOT 2020 Case Studies in Biotechnology

One of:

  • BIOT 4820 Experiential Learning Project in Biotechnology, or
  • BIOT 4830 Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory, or
  • an approved biotechnology-related research course or honours project, or a UPEI Co-op Program work placement also biotechnology-related and approved by the biotechnology program.

Twelve (12) semester hours (4 courses) chosen from the list below, with no more than six semester hours of these within one discipline:

  • Biology 2230 Genetics I
  • Biology 2210 Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology 2060 Microbiology
  • Biology 2250 Human Biochemistry
  • Biology 3230 Genetics II
  • Biology 3520 Molecular Biology Research Techniques Biology 4040 Endocrinology
  • Biology 4710 Molecular Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology 4610: Special Topics in Biotechnology
  • Chemistry 2210 Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemistry 2420 Organic Chemistry II
  • Chemistry 2430 Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  • Chemistry 2310 Physical Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 3530 Biochemistry
  • Chemistry 4810-1 Special Topics — Medicines from the Sea
  • Chemistry 3220 Analytical Instrumentation
  • Chemistry 4090 Biomaterials
  • Computer Science 3220/Biology 3220 Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • Foods and Nutrition 3020 Advanced Foods
  • Foods and Nutrition 4120 Human Metabolism
  • Physics 2210 Modern Physics
  • Physics 2010 Waves and Oscillations
  • Physics 3420 Introduction to Medical Physics
  • Physics 3520 Biomedical Imaging
  • Physics 3610 Solid State Physics
  • Physics 3910 Radiation Detection and Measurement 
  • Physics 4140 Optics and Photonics
  • Science 3010 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Science

Approved Holland College offerings (letter of permission required)

  • BIOS-1200 Laboratory Techniques
  • BIOL-1315 Theoretical and Applied Immunology

Many of these elective courses have prerequisites. For example, many of these courses that are 2000-level and above, require 1000-level introductory courses in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and may have additional 2000-level or 3000-level prerequisites. Students are advised to plan ahead accordingly.

Admissions Criteria
What's required for Science admission?

High School Graduates

Canadian High School Equivalency Chart

  • Grade 12 Academic English
  • Grade 12 Academic Mathematics
  • Two Grade 12 Academic Science subjects (acceptable subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Oceanography, Animal Science, Environmental Science)
  • One additional Grade 12 Academic course

Please note: Successful completion of Grade 12 Chemistry (or equivalent) is required as a prerequisite for permission to register in CHEM-1110.

Please refer to the UPEI Academic Calendar for complete admissions information.

Fees and Funding
Faculty of Science Programs Tuition

UPEI's undergraduate tuition is the second-lowest in the Atlantic region, and we offer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards. 


$6,828 per year, based on 30 credit hours ($682.80 per 3 credit course).
International students pay $8,010 per year in addition to full-time student tuition.

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Scholarships and Awards

UPEI supports you and your educational goals. We administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year. Depending on your faculty or program, and year of study, you may be eligible for available awards.

Search the complete list of scholarships for information and application forms. 

Celebrating Student Achievement

Including Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships and Academic Excellence Awards, these awards recognize the academic achievements of all students who meet the eligibility criteria while studying towards their first undergraduate degree.

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Faculty Members
Your mentors. Our professors.

UPEI has about 250 faculty—exceptional scholars, teachers, and mentors, with more being hired each year as we open new, progressive, and unique programs. But the story isn’t just in the numbers. It’s in the quality of our people. Award-winning faculty from around the globe have made UPEI home. Here, you’ll learn directly from these world-class professors and researchers in small classes where you’ll have easy access to them.