After you submit your completed University Application Form and application fee to the UPEI Registrar's office, and forwarded your completed Audition Application to the Music Department, you will be scheduled for an audition. The recommended deadline is 1 February.

The schedule for the various components of the Audition Procedures will be forwarded approximately two weeks in advance of the actual audition date. Students should arrive at the Music Department at least 30 minutes before the procedures are scheduled to begin. Practice and warm-up facilities will be made available.

NOTE: Applicants for the B.A. (Music) program must be interviewed and must complete the written theory and ear tests, preferably on one of the Audition days listed above. They will perform an audition only if they wish to take Applied Music as an elective in their program. Such instruction will be approved only if faculty time permits.

Audition Procedures

The audition will take approximately 30 minutes, and will be performed before the music faculty. During the audition you will be asked to:

  • perform the audition pieces selected (please see below for information on repertoire to choose) play scales, arpeggios, and chords as requested
  • sight-read a musical excerpt or moderate length
  • have an informal conversation with the faculty concerning your music background, academic plans and career goals.

Once the schedule for the audition days has been established, you will be notified of when your audition and theory and aural skills assessments will take place. Plan to arrive at the Music Department at least 30 minutes before the earliest scheduled portion of your audition/assessment. Practice and warm-up facilities will be made available.


Where applicable, instrumentalists and singers are asked to provide their own accompanists. If this is not possible, copies of the music to be used in the audition should be forwarded with the application forms, and the Music Department will arrange to have an accompanist available at a cost of $30.00 to the person auditioning. Pre-recorded accompaniments are not acceptable.

Pianists are advised that a successful audition on piano will qualify for entrance on either piano or organ.

Audition Requirements


  1. A minimum of 3 contrasting pieces for solo piano. The suggested minimum difficulty level is equivalent to RCM Grade VI. Performance from memory is strongly encouraged.
  2. Scales, arpeggios and chords for all major and minor scales up to 4 sharps/4 flats.
  3. Sight-reading.


  1. J.S. Bach: one of the Chorale Preludes from Orgelbuchlein or one of the Eight Short Preludes and Fugues
  2. One piece from the Romantic or Modern Eras
  3. One piece from the Baroque Era by a composer other than J.S. Bach
  4. Sight-reading

Brass, Woodwind and Percussion

  1. Two pieces of contrasting style and period, to be played with accompaniment (Level: Grade VI RCM, or equivalent)
  2. Technical study
  3. Major, minor, and chromatic scales
  4. Sight-reading

Note for percussionists: Material prepared should include pieces for mallets, snare drum and timpani, as well as snare drum rudiments.


  1. Three songs of contrasting style and period, to be sung with accompaniment (one song should be in a language other than English). (Level: Grade VI RCM or equivalent)
  2. Technique (e.g., scales and arpeggios)
  3. Sight-reading 

Classical Guitar & Strings 

  1. Three classical guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass works in contrasting style which display the candidate’s technical ability and musicianship. It is better to choose easier pieces and play them well (for a list of suggested repertoire please contact the music department: (Level: Grade VI RCM or equivalent)
  2. Sight-reading

Recorded Auditions

Prospective students are strongly advised to audition in person in order to meet the music faculty, staff, and students and to view the music facilities. In cases where very long distance is involved, students may request permission to audition by YouTube. To be considered for music scholarships, audition recordings and other materials must be postmarked no later than the second official audition date. Do not forward audition recordings without first submitting an Audition Application, the name, mailing and e-mail address of a music teacher willing to supervise preparation of the audition recording and to administer the Entrance Theory and Ear Tests, and then awaiting formal instructions from the Audition Co-ordinator.