Bookstore Purchases

The University Bookstore is the preferred supplier of office supplies for the University campus. Unless the Procurement Office approves a purchase order, office supplies are to be purchased from the Bookstore. The Bookstore is a wholly owned ancillary enterprise of the University, and serves as a central store for office supplies, obtaining-direct-from-the-manufacturers pricing, and passing those savings on to the Campus community.

Wherever possible, all books should also be purchased through the University Bookstore. This includes purchases made out of the Professional Development Allowance, grant funds, and departmental budgets.

Unauthorized Purchases

Suppliers to the University of Prince Edward Island have been informed that the University will not be held liable for goods and services rendered which have not been authorized by a proper University Purchase Order or Purchase Order Number at the time of purchase.

University personnel are to be refused any requests for goods and services regardless of who they are or for whatever reasons they give for making these requests without a Purchase Order or Purchase Order Number. This applies to requests made in person or by phone/FAX to local and off-Island companies.

This also applies to grant-holders who must first have all expenses approved by Deidre Smith or Matt Adams of the Accounting Office before submitting requisitions to the Purchasing Office for processing.

The University reserves the right to refuse payment of any invoices that do not have a proper Purchase Order Number.