Manual Invoicing

The Financial Services Office has the ability to prepare manual invoices for campus users. These invoices are numbered, when generated, and subsequently posted in our Accounts Receivable system which allows them to be easily tracked. There are three advantages of this process - the funds are immediately credited to the appropriate account when the invoice is created; cheques and direct deposits received by the Financial Services Office for payment of these invoices can be easily matched via the invoice number potentially saving a lot of effort to determine who the funds are for; it provides an opportunity to ensure tax legislation is appropriately interpreted.

For these reasons, the Financial Services Office is strongly encouraging campus users to take advantage of this service. The following information would be required to facilitate this process:

  • Business name and full address, contact and e-mail address
  • Name, phone number, and e-mail address of campus contact person
  • Description of the purpose for the invoice
  • Amount of the invoice with taxes (if applicable)
  • The departmental account number and class code where the revenue is to be credited.

Once this information is received, the Financial Services Office will create an invoice to be mailed to the client. The normal collection process for campus accounts receivables will be followed. If the client ultimately does not pay, the campus user will have to decide whether to reverse the invoice or send the client to collection.

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