Wire Transfers

Please use Convera's GlobalPay service to process your wire payment to UPEI. 

Here's some reasons why GlobalPay for Students is our chosen method for international tuition payments. Once you fill out the quote from the link about, you can take directly to your bank for processing.

Using GlobalPay for Students

What are the benefits of this service?

Convera GlobalPay for Students lets you pay your tuition with the assurance that your funds will arrive on time and in full, without hidden charges or receiving bank fees. You pay in your own currency and your institution receives your payment in full. Some of the benefits of using GlobalPay for Students include:

  • You pay in your currency
  • There are no hidden charges or receiving bank fees
  • You can pay from anywhere, and anyone can pay for you
  • Your funds arrive at your institution fast and in full
  • We hold your exchange rate for 72 hours

GlobalPay for Students was designed specifically for international students, to take the stress and uncertainty out of education payments.

Pay your tuition at GlobalPay for Students

Contact payments@upei.ca for further assistance.