Financial Services Forms (Internal Users)

General Forms

Request General Ledger Viewing Access / Delegate Spending Authority form
Hospitality, Entertainment, and Other Expenditures Authorization and Claim form
Lost Receipt Declaration form
Honorarium Request form
UPEI Elder and Knowledge Keeper Honorarium Guidelines and form
Moving and Relocation Expenses form
Payroll Deductions
Sessional Professional Development Claim
Wire Transfer form
Authorization to Transfer Funds form
Budget Change form
Invoice Sample


Travel Claim form - Canada (new - July 2023)
Travel Claim form - United States (new - July 2023)
Travel Claim form - International (new - July 2023)
Travel Authorization form
Travel Advance form
Travel Report and Claim - Canada (travel prior to July 1, 2023)
Travel Report and Claim - International including US (travel prior to July 1, 2023)
Athletics Travel Advance form

Petty Cash

Petty Cash Application form
Petty Cash Voucher
Petty Cash Summary
Petty Cash Year-end Report

Internal Requisitions

Internal requisitions are used to purchase goods and services on campus (e.g., diagnostic services, computer services, Central Printing services, etc.)

Please ensure the internal requisitions include the following:

  • Appropriate authorization signature
  • General ledger accounts to be charged and credited
  • Relevant transaction information (e.g., quantity, description, unit price, dollar value)
  • Relevant supporting documentation

These forms should be scanned to

Spending Authority

All expenditures of University funds (including research) require the approval of a designated Spending Authority for the account concerned.

Refer to the Spending Authority Policy and the Spending Authority Policy Guidelines for complete information.

A Delegate Spending Authority form must be completed and approved by the account authority and scanned/emailed to