In order to ensure timely and efficient payments, both personal and departmental, it is important that all requisitions, cheque requests, and travel claim forms be filled out accurately. The following information must be included on all forms submitted to Accounts Payable for processing:

  • department/grant name and number and class
  • amount to be paid
  • signature of signing authority or delegate
  • description of payment or reimbursement
  • full mailing address

It is important to note that the proper class be charged regardless of whether or not there is a budget in that class. (It is the discretionary amount that is considered when payments are made.) If there are not sufficient funds in the proper class, a Budget Change Form may be completed to transfer funds as required. (Refer to section on Budget Changes.)

It is noted that paperwork must be complete. It is recommended that, as soon as paperwork is gathered, it should be submitted to Payables for their review. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing of claims.