Welcome to the Off-campus Housing Office! We're here to help our students find housing availability outside our UPEI residence and homestay options.

While we cannot guarantee suitable accommodations for all students, we provide links to many rental listings and opportunities for accommodation operators to list their available properties.

Begin your housing search
Create a budget
Other housing options
Meal plans
Fraudulent listings and rental scams

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Begin your housing search

Please visit our rental listings website 

If you are looking for roommate, please check Charlottetown's site (please note: this site is external to UPEI)

Please refer to the below sites for additional housing options. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or call 902-894-2850. PEI properties
Facebook "for sale" posts
Roger Birt properties
PEI Apartments
Norray Properties
KillamReit "Island Dale Estates"
KillamReit "Kensington Court"
KillamReit "Queen Street Apartments"
KillamReit (Charlottetown apartments)
KillamReit (Stratford apartments)
Bevan Enterprises properties apartments
Mitula PEI Apartments
PEI Apartment Rentals Facebook group
PEI Pet-friendly Home Rentals Facebook group
University Apartments

Create a budget

Use our budget worksheet to determine your living needs.

Important details for incoming students:

  • Please ensure you secure housing before leaving your home country or province
  • Estimated costs for off-campus apartment rentals (excluding food) $850–$1,200 a month
  • Estimated room rentals in a shared home are from $500–$650 a month

Other housing options

If you’re looking for accommodation with UPEI Residence Services, visit the Residence Services website.
If you’re a student interested in living with a homestay family, visit the UPEI Homestay website.
Students can also contact a third-party host family with the Canada Homestay Network. also lists available local properties for students.

If you are arriving early (before your check in/move in date) you can:


Living off-campus means you may need to take public transportation if you are a little further than walking distance. Visit the T3 Transit website for bus schedules, or to contact them for assistance. Your UPEI student fees cover a UPASS, allowing students to use the T3 Transit system with your student IDs. 

Need a ride to the grocery store, to the airport, to school before classes, a ride home after, or anything in between? If you are a UPEI student in need of a drive for any service you can think of, the Panther Patrol is here for you. Read more about the UPEISU's Panther Patrol.

Meal plans

Students living off-campus can take advantage of convenient and affordable meal plans at UPEI!

Visit the UPEI Residence website for prices and food locations.

Fraudulent listings and rental scams

Reporting fraudulent property listings and rental scams to the police is really important. If you think a listing is a scam or have questions, please contact They can assist you in a variety of rental related questions and concerns. You can reach them by phone 902-940-5368 or through their online contact form.

You may also want to consider reporting it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Although they may not be able to offer much help, you can at least ensure it doesn’t happen again.

You may be able to sue if you know who the person is. Scammers are usually good at their job – they don’t make it easy (or sometimes worthwhile) to sue them. However, you could potentially go through the small claims process. Through that, you could sue for an amount up to $16,000.

Learn more about the small claims process.

Beware of scams. When renting or leasing online through the internet, beware if the landlord is out of town and tells you they will mail you the keys once they receive a deposit. Make sure they have a representative present whom you could meet and view the place with before you pay anything. If you can not view the place yourself, ask a friend. Otherwise, you should avoid such offers as they could be scams.

*All information on this website is provided "as is" without warranty. UPEI, its officers, employees and agents (collectively "UPEI") are not responsible or liable for any arrangements or agreements made between users of this website ("Users") and off-campus housing providers. UPEI assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by an individual arising in any way out of the information provided on this website and/or through the Off-campus Housing Coordinator. Users seeking to rent a property are responsible for making appropriate inquiries before agreeing to rent a property. When using off-campus housing providers to secure living arrangements, Users are strongly discouraged from sending money to anyone prior to viewing the location and securing a fully signed written rental agreement. UPEI highly recommends that all users educate themselves in identifying potential rental scams.

Off-campus Housing

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