Our mission is to provide information technology services to members of the campus community with the goal of maximizing the benefits technology can bring to our clients.


Being a key partner contributing to the success of the campus community and the educational community at large by servicing as a trusted source of information and advice, and delivering information technology services in a professional and sustainable manner.


Delivering exemplary client service is the driving motivation behind our values. The principles stated below are of this single purpose:

  • Respect for our clients and our co-workers, including students, faculty, and staff alike

  • Professionalism in our dealings with our clients and co-workers

  • Prudent handling of information ensuring that appropriate levels of access, security, and confidentiality are maintained

  • Sustainability of the services we offer to the campus

  • Efficient use of resources, including the judicious use of funds, to design, deliver and operate the solutions and services we provide

  • Open and effective communication with our clients

  • A Collaborative  approach to finding solutions to address client needs opportunities

  • Lead the development of IT proficiency for our clients so that they will have the skills and knowledge they require to meet their goals