Graduate Students Association

The UPEI GSA exists to promote the welfare, scholarly excellence and robust graduate studies experience of all members. These goals can only be met if we join hands towards achieving them. Although we may have minimal time for extracurricular activities due to pressure from studies, work and family; let us remember the old saying that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull student’! Let us all do well to get involved; each person will cherish the memories even many years after. If you have any suggestions on how to make the association a quintessential one, kindly contact your faculty representative or any of the GSA executives. We all belong to GSA and likewise, GSA belongs to all of us. Are you a new graduate student?

Office location

Duffy Science Centre, 403


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents the graduate student body and its members in all matters pertinent to its members. The GSA acts as a liaison between graduate students and the faculty, administration and undergraduate students of UPEI. Furthermore, the GSA promotes social, cultural and academic activities and service programs for the membership. The GSA is a member of the Canadian Federation of Students and the National Graduate Council.


Membership is available to ALL persons involved in post-graduate education at UPEI.

Keeping in touch

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