English Academic Preparation (EAP)

Welcome to the UPEI EAP program!

English Academic Preparation (EAP) is an intensive language program for students who do not meet the UPEI language requirements but have conditional admission to a degree program. Our goal is to help students begin their degree program as soon as possible.

Our courses focus on:

  • building academic writing
  • critical reading
  • listening comprehension
  • oral communication skills for undergraduate and graduate studies

The EAP program is divided into three categories:

  • EAP
  • EAP Bridging Program
  • Graduate EAP

EAP Full Time Program

The Full Time Program is for students who have high-beginner to low intermediate English. Students in this program take English classes Monday to Friday for a total of 21 hours each week. Classes focus on reading, listening, writing, and communication.

EAP Bridging Program

The EAP Bridging Program is for students who have a high intermediate to low advanced level of English. These students take a combination of EAP courses (for example, Academic Writing Critical Reading, or Oral Communications) and academic courses in their major of study.  

Graduate EAP Program

This program is for individuals admitted conditionally to a graduate program. Advanced level writing, reading, listening, and oral communication courses are provided. Students enrolled in the Graduate EAP Program must have high intermediate to low advanced English at the time of admission. Please review UPEI's graduate requirements for language proficiency for more information.

How are students registered in EAP courses?

Students are registered in EAP courses using the scores from the language test taken when they arrive at UPEI. The number of EAP courses required depends on students’ assessment scores. See the EAP Placement Guideline Table for more information about course placements.

Students must meet the UPEI language proficiency requirements to study in an undergraduate or graduate program without EAP support. Please refer to UPEI's English Language Proficiency Requirements for more information about conditional admissions to undergraduate and graduate programs.

At the end of each session, students' performance (course work and final exam) are carefully examined to determine the next appropriate learning level. See the EAP Program Student Handbook for more information.

What is the UPEI Language Placement Test?

The UPEI assessment is for students who have a conditional admission to a UPEI program and required to take the EAP Program. It is also open to individuals applying to a UPEI program.

When students arrive at UPEI, they will take the UPEI language placement test. Test scores are used to decide which EAP program students will start in: EAP Full Time or the EAP Bridging Program and the starting proficiency of GEAP students.

The placement test is 2.5 to 4 hours depending on students' level of study: undergraduate or graduate/professional.

The placement test is comprised of 4 sections:

  • Listening Comprehension - 30 minutes (undergraduate), 50 minutes (graduate/professional)
  • Reading Comprehension - 50 minutes (undergraduate), 65 minutes (graduate/professional)
  • Written Essay - 60 minutes (undergraduate), 120 minutes (graduate/professional)
  • Oral Interview - 10 minutes

The UPEI assessment is an unofficial version of the CanTEST (developed by the University of Ottawa). Scores are expressed in band widths ranging from 1 (low) to 5 (high). This means that the bands—the competence levels measure—are wide. In mathematical terms, 0.5 is a tiny amount, but in CanTEST terms, 0.5 is about a 20 % differential.

It is important to go to the English Language Centre (KMB 105) to take the UPEI language assessment after you arrive as soon as you are rested. PLEASE NOTE: All new students must take the EAP language placement test before they can be registered in EAP classes. Potential graduate EAP students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office should they require the UPEI language assessment upon arrival.


To make a test appointment, contact:

Christina Perry

The EAP Office is located in Robertson Library (Building #15), Room 225.

Where can I get information about other English assessments?

Note: UPEI does not accept CanTEST results from Holland College because Holland College is not an official testing site for CanTEST.