Money Matters

Make a Plan

Paying for education is an important consideration for every student. University costs include tuition and fees, textbooks, accommodation, transportation, food, clothing, and spending money. At a time when income is often minimal, it’s valuable for students to start developing responsible money habits.

As family and friends, it is an important time to work with your student to establish and collaborate on a budget. Listing all university related expenses, as well as income sources, can help students plan out the best way to use their money. Students pay for their education in a variety of ways including individual savings, scholarships and awards, working while studying, external funding sources, family contributions (if applicable), and student loans.

UPEI Tuition and Fees

UPEI posts all tuition and fee related information on the Tuition and Fees page, including links to other important information such as health and dental insurance, tax information, and more.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and awards are an excellent resource for UPEI students to pursue. While they are often designed to recognize academic achievement, there are also awards that support students in financial need and/or students in specific circumstances. UPEI alone awards over $11 million in scholarship funding to our students each year! In addition, students can pursue non-UPEI awards offered in their community. 

Please note that some awards are automatic and do not require an application, such as the Celebrating Student Achievement program. However, some scholarships do require individual applications. Please visit the UPEI Scholarships and Awards web page for specific information about what UPEI offers.  

Student Loans and PEI Provincial Bursaries

Please see the UPEI Financial Aid web page for specific information about the Canada Student Loan Program, the PEI Student Loan Program, US Government Loans, and information related to non-repayable PEI grants and bursaries. 


Each of Canada’s primary banking institutions offer local branches in Charlottetown. Students with existing accounts at any of these banks, or those who are in need of opening a new account may be interested to know where their closest branch is located.

Call ahead to find out what information and identification you will need to open a bank account!

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