Wind Symphony Audio

Below are single tracks from each of the Wind Symphony's recordings, spanning twenty-two years. Recordings of the complete albums may be found at

Album Cover Track Title Album Year Audio
Into the Silent Land Album Cover Skyline Into the Silent Land 2019
Kokopelli's Dance Kokopelli's Dance Kokopelli's Dance 2018-2019
CD effervescent widgets effervescent widgets effervescent widgets 2017-2018
Singularity All Dark is Now No More Singularity 2016-2017
Magnolia Star Magnolia Star Magnolia Star 2015-2016
CD Lincolnshire Posy Lauds Lincolnshire Posy 2014-2015
CD Rumpelstilzchen Two Lane Blacktop Rumpelstilzchen 2013-2014
CD Four Horsemen Festive Overture Four Horsemen 2012-2013
CD Four Horsemen Maestoso Four Horsemen 2012-2013
CD Lord of the Rings Firefly Lord of the Rings 2011-2012
CD Freebirds Freebirds Freebirds 2010-2011
CD O Canada O Canada O Canada 2010
CD Cathedrals Cathedrals Cathedrals 2009-2010
CD The Solitary Dancer The Solitary Dancer The Solitary Dancer 2008-2009
CD The Danserye Homage to Perotin The Danserye 2007-2008
CD Equus Equus Equus 2006-2007
CD Vientos Y. Tangos Vientos Y. Tangos Vientos Y. Tangos 2005-2006
CD Night Magnetic Fireflies Night 2004-2005
CD Joe's Last Mix La Procession du Rocio Joe's Last Mix 2003-2004
CD Cloudburst Epiphanies (Fanfares and Chorales) Cloudburst 2002-2003
CD Bugs Concertino for Four Percussion Bugs 2002
CD Lyric Essay Lyric Essay Lyric Essay 2000-2001