MAIS Thesis Titles

MA(IS) Graduates, Year of Completion
Thesis Supervisor
Thesis Title
Listed chronologically from most recent. 

Akinkunle Akintan Akinbinu, 2024
Supervisors: Raquel Hoersting
International students' perception of the islandness, culture and identity in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Christina Fontaine, 2024
Supervisors: Laurie Brinklow, Melissa James
Place Brand: A multi case study on island brand processes

Marlene Chapman, 2024
Supervisor: Carolyn Peach Brown
Fisheries Management in a Changing Climate: Insights from the Prince Edward Island Lobster Fishery

Fiona Steele, 2023
Supervisors: Susan Graham, Laurie Brinklow
When stories lead to sustainable tourism - the role podcasting plays in the development of sustainable tourism on islands

Ian McIsaac, 2021
Supervisors: Tim Carroll, James Randall
Factors influencing change in the Prince Edward Island Lobster Fishery

Pooja Kumar, 2020
Supervisor: Marina Silva
Evolving perspectives on urban wildlife and their implications for policy-making in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Adam Brimacombe, 2020
Supervisor: James Randall
Climate Change and Human Security in Small Island Developing States: The case of Papua New Guinea and its UN-REDD/REDD+ Program

Cheryl Carmichael, 2019
Supervisor: George Jia
SPARTECA, PICTA, and the WTO: How the Pacific Island States are Impacted by Free Trade Agreements

Emerald Naylor, 2019
Co-Supervisors: Udo Krautwurst and Jean Mitchell
More than sun and pineapples: A look into the culture of astronomical sciences in Hawai'i

Owen Jennings, 2018
Supervisor: Godfrey Baldacchino
Becoming connected: Remoteness and identity on Saint Helena

Jocelyn Plourde, 2018
Supervisors: Carolyn Peach Brown, Irene Novaczek
From policy to action – Renewable energy in Samsø, Denmark

Simone Webster-Stahel, 2018
Supervisor: Palanisamy Nagarajan
Looming health crisis on small islands: The nexus between ecosystem health and human health – A case study of the island of Dominica

Janice Pettit, 2018
Supervisor: Laurie Brinklow
Crossing the Strait: What happens to 'the Island way of life' when the ferry becomes a bridge?

Erin Rowan, 2018
Supervisor: Laurie Brinklow
Isle of Hunger, Isle of Pain: Islandness, Memory, and Landscape of the Great Famine in Cahersiveen and Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Nathaniel Preston, 2017
Supervisor: Godfrey Baldacchino
The Social and Economic Impacts of Development for Haenyeo Culture and Jeju Island

Izumi Nonaka, 2016
Supervisor: Godfrey Baldacchino
Niche and Off-Island Strategies for Island Business: Case Studies from Prince Edward Island

Andrew Weatherill, 2016
Supervisor: Adam Fenech
Examining Climate Change and Irrigation Requirements on James Island, British Columbia

Mark Currie, 2016
Supervisors: Udo Krautwurst, Jean Mitchell
“We will have to rewrite history”: Colonialized Education in the Small Island State of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Xiaotong Liang, 2016
Supervisor: Palanisamy Nagarajan
Claiming Green to Earn Green: Environmental Laws and Uninhabited Islands – A Case Study of Fangji Island, China

Abigail Franco Vazquez, 2015
Supervisors: Irene Novazcek, Lynda Harling Stalker
From Maine to Chiloé: The effects of social enterprises on marginalized experiences

John Ross Beatty, 2015
Supervisor: Palanisamy Nagarajan
Renewable Energy in the Food, Energy, Water Nexus of the Bahamas

Kristine Martin, 2015
Supervisor: Marina Silva-Opps
The Relationship Between Humans and Urban Foxes on Prince Edward Island

Grant Curtis, 2015
Supervisors: Ed MacDonald, James Moran
Stepping Stones to the New World: Islandness and Migration from Southeastern Ireland to Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and the Miramichi of New Brunswick, 1700–1850

Krishna Raghavan, 2015
Supervisor: Dr. Palanisamy Nagarajan
Evaluating Renewable Energy Options for Small Islands Using Energy Methodology: A Case Study of Coconut Biodiesel in the Fiji Islands

Emily Thomas, 2014
Co-supervisors: Dr. Michael van den Heuvel, Dr. Kelly Vodden
Sustaining Island Fishing Communities: Policy and Management in Practice in Maine and Newfoundland

Andrew Halliday, 2013
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Bartmann
Archipelagic Matters: The Case of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea and the Republic of the Philippines

Dolores LeVangie, 2013
Co-Supervisors: Drs. Udo Krautwurst and Jean Mitchell
Bridging Islands of Medicine: Balancing Medical Plurality on La Isla De Chiloé

JoDee Samuelson, 2013
Supervisor: Dr. Brent MacLaine
The Watermills of Prince Edward Island and Gottland Island, Sweden: An Historical Survey

Sara K. Tennant, 2013
Supervisor: Dr. Jim Randall
"Almost Islands": A Research Synthesis of Aboriginal Communities in Canada as Metaphorical Islands

Erin Kielly, 2012
Supervisor: Dr. Darren Bardati
Resilience and Capacity in Small Island Jurisdictions: A Case Study of Adaption for Climatic Change on PEI

Roger Baird, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Bartmann
Caribbean Small Island State Security and United States Hegemony in the Caribbean Region

Doug Deacon, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Palanisamy Nagarajan
A Small Island Perspective to Natural Capital: Focus on Prince Edward Island

Matt Funk, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Kurial
Principles of Economics and Evolution: A Survival Guide for the Inhabitants of Small Island Earth,

Lin Ma, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Palanisamy Nagarajan
The Challenges of Sustainability of Small Islands, Weizhou Island, China: A Case Study

Pat MacAulay, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino
Innovation as a Critical Success Factor in Small Business in Prince Edward Island

Colin MacIntyre, 2011
Supervisor: Dr. Ed MacDonald
The Environmental Pre-History of Prince Edward Island 1769-1970: A Reconnaissance in Force, 2011

Margaret Ness Doyle, 2010 
Supervisor: Dr. Ed MacDonald
An Island Solution to an Island Problem: A Study of Women’s Rights on Prince Edward Island and Ireland 1841-1988

Ayako Takahashi, 2010
Supervisor: Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino
The Japanese Fascination with Islands Case Studies of Prince Edward Island and Okinawa

Patrick Augustine, 2009
Supervisor: Dr. Suzanne Thomas
The Significance of Place in Textual and Graphical Representation: The Mi’kmaq on Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island, and the Penobscot On Indian Island, Maine

Laura Lee Howard, 2009
Supervisor: Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie
Let Them in but Keep Them Out: Liminality and Islandness of the First Born Chinese Islanders

Jordan Walker, 2009
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Bartmann
Undeniable Attraction: The Geopolitical Relationship between the Great Powers and Small Islands 1660-2009

Faiz Ahmed, 2008
Supervisor: Dr. Palanisamy Nagarajan
An Examination of the Development Path Taken by Small Island Developing States: Jamaica, A Case Study

Margaret Mizzi, 2008
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Trivett
Is it Who You know? An Investigation of the Relationship Between Small Island Politics and Infrastructure Policy on Prince Edward Island

Ariana Salvo, 2008
Supervisor: Dr. Irene Novaczek
Connecting Spiritual Values and Sustainable Farming and Fishing Practices on Prince Edward Island

Laurie Brinklow, 2007
Supervisor: Dr. Brenton MacLaine
The Circumscribed Geography of Home: Island Identity in the Fiction of Alistair and Wayne Johnston

Heather Gushue, 2007
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Jean Mitchell and Dr. Udo Krautwurst
Island Culture and the Value of Literacy on Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland

Carol Horne, 2007
Supervisor: Dr. Thomy Nilsson
Measuring Landscape Preferences: The Identities and Evaluation of Island Viewscapes

Kathy Stuart, 2007
Supervisor: Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino
The Influence of Islandness on Energy Policy and Electricity

Ryan Boulter, 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Bartmann
The Islands of the Danish Realm: The Quest for Sovereignty in Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands

Janice McKendrick, 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Bartmann
Rockin’ the Boat on a Renegade Isle: Taiwan’s Drive to Independence