Master of Arts in Island Studies Links

Island Studies @ UPEI:

Institute of Island Studies – Research and public policy institute based at the University of Prince Edward Island focusing on the culture, environment, and economy of small islands around the world, with an emphasis on Prince Edward Island.

UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability – Led by the University of Prince Edward Island and supported by various other universities and organizations, this Chair works to establish and expand academic and research programmes on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Sub-National Island Jurisdictions (SNIJs).

Island Studies Press – The publishing arm of the Institute of Island Studies at UPEI, producing scholarly books for a popular audience as well as poetry, literary non-fiction, and drama.

Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) Student Research Portal – MAIS Graduate Student profiles and a collection of recent MAIS research and projects.

Key Partners:

Island Studies Journal – Peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of islands. Hosted by the Institute of Island Studies @ UPEI from 2005–2021.

International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA) – Non-profit organization whose objectives are to study islands on their own terms and to encourage free scholarly discussion on small-island related matters through a global island network.

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) – Charitable institution contributing to the revitalization and sustainability of rural Canada through collaborative research for rural leaders in the community, private sector, and in all levels of government.

Island Innovation – Social enterprise and digital platform using its global network to engage rural and island communities around the world to develop solutions for sustainable development and prosperity.  

Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI) – Established to facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers and cultural practitioners working with small island communities, with the principal aim of researching and assisting the maintenance and development of the language, literature, music, dance, folkloric, and media cultures of small island communities.

Global Islands Network – A worldwide network and primary source of islands-related information.

Additional Resources:

For additional island network links and resources, visit or contact the Institute of Island Studies.