MAIS Links

Institute of Island Studies

A research and public policy institute based at the University of Prince Edward Island.

UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability 

Island Studies Research

A key electronic depository of research material that supports the study of islands and facilitates international, regional, national, and local scholarship in all branches of island knowledge.

Island Studies Journal

A scholarly journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of our “world of islands.”

Pacific Voices

The website for the Pacific Fisheries Case Study Writing Project.

Global Islands Network

A worldwide network of islands-related information and interests.

Small Island Cultures Research Initiative and Conference

Established to facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers and cultural practitioners working with small island communities. SICRI's principal aim is to research and assist the maintenance and development of the language, literature, music, dance, folkloric, and media cultures of small island communities.

International Small Islands Studies Association

A voluntary, non-profit and independent organization whose objectives are to study islands on their own terms, and to encourage free scholarly discussion on small-island related matters such as islandness, smallness, insularity, dependency, resource management and environment, and the nature of island life.