Biology at UPEI

The study of biology is one of the most natural activities of humankind. Who among us hasn’t experienced wonder and amazement at the variety of living things that surround us every day? To study biology is to study life.
The Biology department at UPEI has a strong tradition of helping people realize their potential through deep consideration of the biological world. A scientific understanding of the plants and animals is, in many ways, its own reward. But it is also a pathway to a large number of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. A biology program is a common route toward the health professions (human and veterinary medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, etc.), for which we offer strong pre-professional programs. It can also lead to careers in environmental analysis, biotechnology, laboratory diagnostics, and many other things. Biology graduates also often establish other sorts of careers (lawyer, business professional) for which the knowledge of biology can be a strong personal and professional asset.
The study of biology at UPEI can be done through an Honours, Majors, or Minor program at the undergraduate level, or a Master or PhD program at the post-graduate level. We place emphasis on hands-on experience, and make sure our students get out to the field and into the laboratory as much as possible. Most years, at least a dozen undergraduates complete honours research under the supervision of our faculty. We also partner with such organizations as the Atlantic Veterinary College, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Institute for Nutrisciences and Health to offer additional research opportunities for students.
The strength of our educational programs derive from the strength of our scholarly activity and research. Our faculty hold grants from the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Atlantic Innovation Foundation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Prince Edward Island Health Research Institute, among others. Our faculty have research programs in neurobiology, arctic insect ecology, cancer cell biology, watershed ecology, pollination biology, coastal habitat ecology, animal habitat fragmentation, heart and stroke physiology, aquatic toxicology, plant ecological genetics, among others.
We would be pleased to have you join us! For more information on our courses, application and admission, please visit the Biology program page (link on the right side of this page). If you would like to get together to talk about how the Biology department at UPEI can help you with your academic and scientific goals, please call feel free to contact us with any questions.
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