Theory and Aural Skills

All students applying for the B.Mus. Program or the B.A. (major in Music)* must take two written assessments: one in theory and the other in aural skills. You will write these on the same day as your audition.

Aural Skills

The individual aural skills assessment will take approximately fifteen minutes. You will be asked to do the following:

  • sing given melodies at sight
  • sing a melody first played on an instrument
  • clap a rhythm at sight
  • clap a rhythm first played on an instrument
  • identify, by ear, types of intervals and triads played on tape (e.g., perfect 4th, minor 3rd, major triad, diminished triad)

Theory Assessment

You will complete a diagnostic theory assessment, giving the professor insight into the knowledge that incoming first-year students possess. There will be two (2) hours allotted for the assessment, after which the professor will be in contact with you regarding the results and any helpful recommendations.

For more information about the assessment or the UPEI Music Theory Camp offered each year in August, please contact the department.

View a sample theory assessment

*Applicants for the B.A. (Music) program must be interviewed and must complete the written theory and ear assessments, preferably on one of the scheduled audition days. They will perform an audition only if they wish to take Applied Music as an elective in their program. Such instruction will be approved only if faculty time permits.